The Adventure Starts Here: Wedding Month - Bridal Shower

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wedding Month - Bridal Shower

Another wedding related post... today is about my bridal shower.  My bridesmaids and my mom threw me an amazing bridal shower at a local restaurant that we used to go to a lot.  Unfortunately Torino's is no longer there, which is a shame since we really loved the food.  

My bridesmaids were Trisha (my sister-in-law), Marlaina (my friend since middle school), Jenn and Amy (friends from college), and Ingrid (my brother-in-law's girlfriend at the time).  

They shower had kind of an Italian Tuscan theme.  The centerpieces were gorgeous sunflowers and each of the guests took home little bottles of olive oil.  

My china... which we have still yet to use!  Since we live in a relatively small apartment, we have yet to host a holiday or dinner party.  I can't wait to have a bigger place and use our china!

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