The Adventure Starts Here: Happy 9 Months Noah!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy 9 Months Noah!

Noah is 9 months old today!  I think if one word could describe this month, it would be movement.  Noah is constantly moving now.  When he's on our lap he wants to be standing and when he's on the floor playing he's crawling and rolling to the next toy.

This photo shoot was no different, he was constantly rolling over and crawling to whatever caught his eye!  In past months we were able to sit him down on the blanket and have Chris make him laugh while I snapped away.  Now Chris has a new job, get Noah back on the blanket :)

Even though the sticker didn't work last month, we decided to try again this month.  We thought maybe Noah would like to stand with Daddy's help for some pictures.  This was one of the few where he was looking up instead of at the sticker.  

And as soon as Chris let go of Noah's hands, he was working on getting that sticker off!

This month has been very different and but as usual amazing!  Noah is no longer content just sitting and playing, he wants to be moving and exploring.  I am constantly having to make sure that he is not playing with something he shouldn't be while keeping him happy and entertained.  While I am always looking forward to the new things Noah will learn, I am in no rush for him to learn how to walk... I can only imagine!

Happy 9 Months Noah!

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