The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 42

Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 42

Weight:  Around 25 lbs.

^^^ I sent this picture to Chris and he asked me "Are you Britney Spears or something?" HAHAHA!

Health:  Noah seems to be immune to tylenol now (I know... bad parents!), so we've stopped giving it to him at night.  Now when he wakes up and sounds to be in pain from teething, we give him some Hyland's Teething Tablets and it seems to take the edge off.  

Sleep:  Sleep hasn't really gotten better.  Some nights Noah wakes up with Chris and won't go back to sleep.  In the past when he woke up a bottle and some gliding would always work, but a few nights he was up and ready to play.  After multiple wake ups by 2 am, I decided to just bring him into bed with me.  

Clothes:  Wearing size 12-18 and I'm even getting some fall clothes (and Halloween shirts) in size 18-24.  He's not there in weight yet, but he is in height, so I figured he'll need the bigger size by October/November.

^^^ I picked up this Giants hat for Noah this week

Social:  Last Friday, Noah and I went to the Liberty Science Center with the MOMs group.  We went with two other little kids and their moms.  We had lunch first, and then we went to an area that had blocks to play with, saw an aquarium with fish that live in the Hudson, and finished by going to a sensory table of rice.  While the place is definitely designed for older kids, Noah had fun just interacting with the other kids and looking around.

We had a really busy and fun weekend, as you can read here.  

On Monday, we met my friend Marlaina for dinner.  Chris met us for dinner when he got off the train, and after dinner we went and got some more frozen yogurt!

We had a play date on Tuesday... it's so nice to have met other SAHMs that I can socialize with while the kids play.  

On Thursday, Noah hung out with my parents and Uncle Luke while I went to get my hair done.  Grandpa took out his guitar and played Noah some songs.  

Diet:  Noah is really enjoying getting to eat more real food these days.   He had frozen yogurt this past weekend and LOVED it!  He's also getting much better at drinking from his sippy cup, enjoying both water and apple prune juice.  I made mini meatloaves (in a muffin tin) with potatoes the other night and he ate almost a whole mini meatloaf himself!

Baby Gear Love:   This week my dad came over to install some child safety locks on our kitchen cabinets.  I found out about these from Jessica at Little Baby Garvin and immediately knew I wanted to get them when the time came.  We asked our apartment building if it was okay (they need to be screwed in), and at first they said no and suggested we get the kind that go on the outside that clasp the handles together.  When we reminded them that we couldn't use them since we have some cabinets that don't have a match right next to it, they said we were allowed to install these.  It took more time than we expected, but they are really nice and work really well.

Daddy Time:   Chris had another very busy at work unfortunately.

Milestones:   I'm not sure how many stages there are, but I'm gonna say we have a Stage 3 Climber on our hands!  Noah has been cruising along our couch for a while now, but recently he's been getting better and better at pulling himself up on it and playing with the sofa table.  This past Sunday, with Chris and I watching him on either side, he figured out how to pull himself completely up and over so that he was crawling on the sofa table!  I think we are in trouble.

He's only done it once, but one day he was in crawling position on the couch, and he figured out how to get from there, to sitting position, and then to standing position, all on his own!

Noah is now able to clap on his own!  It was so exciting and I'm glad I got a video of it!

Likes:    Noah likes to play in our living room with all our toys.  He watches Bubble Guppies and also likes to read his books.  I've been giving him a book to play with while changing his diaper and one time he got so excited and was flapping his arms up and down while holding the book and hit his head with the book.  I've now decided to give him cloth books during diaper changes ;)

Mommy:  My mom watched Noah yesterday so that I could go to the dentist and get my haircut and colored.  I decided to go a little ombre this time and I'm happy with how it turned out.

Happy 42 Weeks Noah!

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