The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 41

Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 41

Weight:  Around 25 lbs.

Health:  Noah's cold is gone but the teething is really bad!  His 4th bottom tooth popped through on Tuesday, so I hope it gets better soon!

Sleep:  I honestly forget what a full night's sleep feels like!  Oh wait, this is about Noah's sleep, not mine ;)  You know it's bad when you think getting up twice a night is a GREAT night.  It's perfect when he wakes up once before midnight with Chris and then around 3:30 with me.  Our worst night this week was Wednesday night.  He woke up 7 times!!!  Starting at 2 am, he was up every hour basically!  

Clothes:  Noah is officially in size 12-18.  My mom was able to get a bunch of comfy pants from Gap (I prefer him to wear pants at home with all the crawling).  I was also able to get some cute shirts from Carter's to get us through the summer.

Social:  Last Friday I met my friend/acupuncturist, Punita, and her kids for lunch at Panera.

Last weekend we went over to my parents' house and Noah got to play with my brother, Luke.   That night we went to Houlihans for dinner.   

On Monday, we met one of the moms and her son from my MOMs group.  Don't be fooled, right after I took this picture, Noah had that crayon in his mouth!

On Tuesday, I headed down to my parents' house.  We are constantly bringing stuff over to their house to store in the basement.  So I decided to go over and actually organize it all and put it all in boxes.   Meanwhile, Noah had fun playing with Uncle Luke and my parents.  Since he's the 4th grandchild, they have plenty of toys for him to play with.   

On Wednesday, we met Jill for lunch at Chipotle!

Diet:  Noah is eating up a ton these days!  Some meals all he wants is me to fee him pureed foods while other times he wants nothing to do with it and only wants finger foods.  He's had more Chipotle carnitas, he tried a meatball for the first time, and had some of my mom's spaghetti with meat sauce.  I also gave him grilled cheese and some diced peaches for the first time.  He really loves real food!  He also tried some sweet potato mango millet... I don't think I've ever even had millet!  I also got Noah some Yum Yum teething cookies.

Baby Gear Love:   I have been on the search for a sippy cup that Noah is actually able to get the liquid out of.  Since they are designed to not spill, it is very hard to get anything out of most of the cups we've tried so far.  My mom found this "disposable" sippy cups at the grocery store and they are perfect!  They definitely will spill if you shake or drop, so we just use it when sitting in the high chair.

Noah has gotten a few new toys recently.  I picked up this "smartphone" the other day at Carters.  He always wants to play with my phone, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  So far he likes it.  

Grandma also just got him this activity table for him to play with when we go over there.  

Daddy Time:   Chris and Noah had a really fun weekend.  I'm glad they did because Chris got really busy at work this week and didn't get to see Noah as much as he would like.  Saturday morning they had their swim class.  It was in the big pool this week since the other pool is under renovations right now.

On Sunday they watched the golf together.  Noah actually really loves watching golf.  He cruised over to the corner of the sectional and turned around to watch the golf all on his own!

Sunday evening, we took Noah down to the pool.  Chris loves throwing him up in the air now.  

Milestones:   He is a super fast crawler now and getting faster at cruising.  He loves to stand on the couch and cruise to the corner part of our sectional.  That's when he tries to climb the couch and grab the lamp!

Chris and I started baby proofing.  We bought some corner padding that's designed for tables and instead used it on the corners of our kitchen peninsula.  He loves playing near there and I was worried about him near the corners.  When I was a baby I was "helping" my mom do laundry and tripped on a blanket and fell into the corner of a wall.  I split my lip and ended up needing stitches.  To this day you can see the scar on my lip... thank goodness for lipstick :)

Likes:    Noah loves chewing on purse straps.  He was playing with my mom's purse and then all of a sudden started crawling and decided to drag it around with him (or it just happened to get stuck on his arm).  I guess he's following in his dad's footsteps (he works in the handbag department at Tommy Hilfiger).

Baths are still a favorite!

Noah still loves his friend Scout!

Mommy:  This week I decided to start tracking my food on Weight Watchers again.  My mom has an account and she's letting me use hers at the moment.  It is really making me aware that what I'm eating currently is not the best!

Happy 41 Weeks Noah!

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