The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 39

Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 39

Weight:  Per the doctor's visit today... Noah weighs 24 lbs 4 oz (95th percentile) and is 30.5 inches long (off the charts)!   He's outgrown the scale and has to sit on it now!

Health:  I feel like we got better and then back to being sick again.  The runny nose is back and worse than before.  He is congested and it's taking a toll on his sleep.  It also looks like he's in a lot of pain from teething... not fun to watch!  When he's sick, Noah can switch from being happy, to upset, to happy again in no time!  Thankfully the doctor said it's just a cold and that his ears and chest look fine.  

Sleep:  You know sleep sucks when you think getting up twice during the night is a GREAT NIGHT! The hardest part is that Noah only wants me now when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  Wednesday night was pretty bad.  Noah went to bed at 8, and by 9:30 woke up crying really loud.  I was able to glide him back to sleep but as soon as I got up to put him in his crib he'd cry.  I finally gave up and decided he was gonna sleep with me.  He slept on me for probably 75% of the night and next to me for about 3-4 hours.  He still got up another 2 times, but at least he slept.

Getting ready for bed... reading "The Going To Bed Book"

Getting Noah in the morning... he's so happy when he wakes up!

Clothes:  6-12 and some 12-18 month clothes.

Social:  On Friday night, Chris got home from work a little early, so after dinner we went down to the pool.  And this time I actually went in too!  It was a little cooler than usual, so we didn't stay in long, but it was a fun!

We originally had more plans for this past week, but a lot ended up getting cancelled because of weather and illness.  But last Saturday, we went to my friend, Marlaina's BBQ and Noah got to meet a bunch of other little kids.  We also had a fun day in LBI this past week.

Diet:  Noah tried the multigrain cereal again.  Last time he had it he got a rash on his stomach, but thankfully this time there was no reaction.  I also let him try some turkey from my sandwich the other day and he LOVED it.  So the next day I gave him some chicken but he had a hard time chewing it.  I think I need to stick to cold cuts.  My mom also made him some scrambled eggs (just the yolk) and he seemed to like it... though I think he enjoyed playing with it more.   It was also the first time that Noah knocked the bowl right over and spilled everything on the floor... I guess he was finished!

Baby Gear Love:   Noah still loves his jumperoo.  We recently raised it to level 2 since he's gotten taller, and now he's back to bouncing in it on a daily basis.  And since Noah started crawling, it's become kind of like a fort for him.  One night he just crawled underneath and it hung out for a while.

Daddy Time:   Chris bought some bubbles at the store this weekend and was so excited to go outside and use them with Noah.  But since it rained all day Sunday, we instead blew some bubbles by the elevators in our apartment building.

And of course Noah and Chris had their weekly swim class.  Look who's standing all on his own!

Milestones:   Noah got a new tooth!  I was expecting the next teeth to be the two top ones, and since Noah was teething I kept feeling for it.  Then all of a sudden I saw that there was a third tooth breaking through on the bottom!  So now Noah has 2 1/2 teeth on the bottom and nothing on top.

Noah is getting better and better and crawling every day now.  And with that he is now getting into EVERYTHING!  He is crawling under our side tables, into rooms trying to get to things he's not supposed to (i.e. my laptop cord), and is often reaching for toys that are bigger and may fall on him.  Gone are the days where I could put him down to play and leave the room to do laundry or go to the bathroom!   I think we need to baby proof!

Likes:    Noah loves playing with all his toys now.  It has made our living room a constant mess, but if he's happy, I'm happy.  We just introduced "Scout" to him, and he LOVES him.  You personalize what Scout says with things like the child's name, foods and colors they like, and what songs he will sing.

Mommy:  Just when I was finally over the sore throat, I got a 24 hour stomach bug.  Thankfully my mom came over to help me out and let me get some sleep.

Happy 39 Weeks Noah!

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