The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Recap

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone likes the recaps, because here's another one.  So we got back from Rhode Island on Friday night, and then still had a fairly busy weekend.  

The reason we had to drive home Friday night, was because we had Noah's swim class on Saturday morning.  Even though I had a ton of fun doing the class with Noah last week, I gave it back to Chris.  This week however, we took 2 cars because Chris had to go somewhere straight from class.

Chris has been an Adam Carolla fan for a while now and loves listening to his many podcasts.  Not sure how many people know, but Adam Carolla has come out with something called "Mangria"... sangria for men.   Anyway, for a while it's been sold online, but it's starting to be sold in some liquor stores.  So Adam was here in New Jersey doing a bottle signing and appearance and Chris wanted to go.  Originally we talked about all going, but Noah usually takes a nap when we get home from swim class, so I figured it was best if I took Noah home and Chris go on his own.  I also don't know how I feel about bringing an 8 month old to a liquor store???

So while Chris was shaking Adam's hand, I was back at home doing all the laundry from our trip... isn't it amazing how much there can be from just 2 days!?!  Saturday night, when we couldn't decide what to make for dinner, Chris suggested we try this new tap pas place right down the street from us.  Since it was so close, Chris decided to just carry Noah and I brought a bottle, some snacks, and the high chair cover.  However when we got there they told us they don't have high chairs!  It's funny, cause on the walk over I told Chris, "watch they don't have high chairs" and he thought I was crazy and that every restaurant has to have high chairs.  So we obviously left and started thinking where else to go.

We decided to go across the street to George and Martha's.  We had a gift card up in our apartment, so Chris went to get that and the stroller (Noah was getting a little heavy now).   Dinner was really great, as was Noah.

We relaxed most of Sunday, and then Chris' parents and brother, came over in the evening.  We had planned to eat dinner by the pool and go for a swim, but I got a sore throat and I could tell that Noah was starting to feel a little under the weather too.  So instead we skipped the pool and just did dinner at Panera.

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