The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Recap

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend, we consciously decided to not make too many plans.  The next few weekends will be pretty busy, so we wanted some time to just hang out the three of us.  Of course we had Noah's swim class, and this week Chris let me do it with him!  I really do feel like it's Noah and Chris' thing, but I did want to do the class with him once just so I could say I've done it.  It was a lot of fun and I definitely picked the right week... the teacher said the water was really warm compared to the first two weeks!  Noah did great and he even stuck his face underwater (up to his lips) and would close his mouth right before going under!  He's also a pro at floating on his back (with us to support him)!

We had planned to go to the mall after his nap, but when he decided to be No Nap Noah, we went earlier than planned.  Chris had to get his glasses fixed at LensCrafters, so we decided to make it into a fun little trip.  Chris said there was a LensCrafters at the Paramus Mall, where there just so happens to be a Carousel!  We also had a super yummy lunch (and milkshake) at Steakburgers.  Apparently it's a chain in other parts of the country, but the first to open in NJ.  

On Sunday, we lounged around in our PJs, cleaned up the apartment, and ended the day with some frozen yogurt.  Minus the cleaning, it really was the perfect Sunday!

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