The Adventure Starts Here: Rhode Island (Part Two)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rhode Island (Part Two)

Our second and last day in Rhode Island.  So even though Noah went to bed later than normal, I thought he did well considering the circumstances.  Chris really wanted to sleep with him, so it was Chris and Noah in one double bed, and me in the other.  Noah woke up around 1 am and then again at 5:30.  I had just given Noah a bottle and he was going back to sleep when the hotel alarm clock started buzzing at 5:45 and totally woke him back up.  He was then up for good!

The plan was to meet Trisha and the kids at the beach around 9:30.  My brother, David, was originally working on Friday, but he surprised us all when we pulled into the parking lot and he was there... what a nice surprise!

So this was Noah's FIRST time at the beach... and I think it's safe to say that he liked it.  He liked the sand, the ocean, and everything else involved!

When we first got there, Uncle Luke was in charge of playing with Noah while we set everything up (and I took pictures)!

In addition to buying lots of beach toys for Noah to play with, we bought two chairs for us to sit on as well as a beach tent for Noah to nap in or just get out of the sun.   Last weekend Chris tried setting it up in our apartment, but this tent is almost as big as our living room, and therefore he couldn't do it!  So Chris and my dad read the directions and figured out how to set it up.  Meanwhile, Trisha opened up her baby tent with one hand in a matter of 5 seconds.  So while her tent wins the convenience award, we were really happy with ours once it was up.  All of the kids could fit inside, Kaitlyn could even walk in standing up, and we were even able to feed Noah his bottle in it.  It was amazing how much cooler it was inside the tent... so personally I'm happy with it!

So on a slightly disgusting side note... apparently the ocean water in Rhode Island (or at least this beach) has bugs in it!  We went to get a bucket of water to use with Noah's toys and to fill up the baby bathtub with, and very quickly realized how disgusting this was!  Thankfully, my dad the engineer, figured out how to clean the water using a sifter in one of Noah's toys.   We were also relieved to find out that if you just go deeper into the ocean and get water from a crashing wave that it was clean.  

So after setting up all the gear and purifying our water, we spent the morning playing with the kids in the sand and surf.

It was cute watching Aidan and Noah playing with each other.  Even if Aidan thought it would be fun to rub sand in Noah's eye :)

Up until this point, Noah's only contact with sand was from Aidan, so I still wasn't sure how he'd react once he was off the towel.  Chris took him down to the ocean and walked right in.  Noah really is a water baby and loved every second of it!

While the kids played in the water, Luke took advantage of some quiet time and did some suntanning :)  Let's file this under "Things I won't be doing for a long time".

Here's Aidan having fun in his bath tub filled with "cleaned" ocean water.  I had seen this idea on Pinterest and I have to say he really did like it.

Kaitlyn and Matthew built some sand castles with Grandma.  

After a lot of playing in the sun, everyone took a break in the tent (Aidan was having a bottle at the time).  

We then packed up all our stuff and headed back to my brother's house.  Since it's rare for us to all be in the same place at one time, we decided we had to get some family pictures.   After quickly washing the sand off everyone, putting the kids in their matching outfits, and setting up the tripod, this is what we ended up with...

For full disclosure (and some laughs), here are some of the pictures of everyone getting ready for it.  Let's just say that it took A LOT of tries to get a good one.  Four kids combined with the Freel blinking problem, there were way more duds than there were good ones.  

Then we got all the different combinations.  I have to say the kids really were good sports!

Grandma spends so much time with all 4 of her grandkids, and yet has very few pictures to show for it. So she asked for individual pictures with each of them.

Noah (8 1/2 months)

Aidan (almost 9 months)

Matthew (2 1/2 years old)

Kaitlyn (5 1/2 years old)

We had such a fun visit and wish that they lived closer to us so that the cousins could play all the time!  They will be coming to visit us over Labor Day Weekend and we can't wait!

I am also super impressed with how Noah did.  It was his first long car ride, first time in a hotel, and first time at the beach.  He did amazing with everything and is such an easygoing baby!  

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