The Adventure Starts Here: Rhode Island (Part One)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rhode Island (Part One)

Last week, we drove up to Rhode Island to visit my brother and his family.  It has been pretty rare for all of us to be in the same place at once ever since my older brother moved to Rhode Island and my younger brother had been away at school for almost 7 years (undergrad and grad school).   Now that Luke has graduated and living at home (for the time being), we get to see him more, but I still don't see my older brother and his family as often as we'd like.  So we planned a visit.  

Originally my mom was talking about going up to see the kids, and I said I wouldn't mind going up with her and bringing Noah to see his cousins.  Then I asked Chris if he would want to take a couple days off work and come as well.  Then the next thing I knew my dad and Luke were coming and it was gonna be the whole family!  

I knew packing for 1 night/2 days would be more complicated with a baby, but then throw in our plans to go to the beach and I feel like we were packing for a week long vacation!  Forget all the bottles, baby food, diapers, numerous clothing options (for when he gets messy), and our stuff.  Now we had to pack chairs, a beach tent, towels, and sand toys!  I may come up with a post on tips for traveling with a baby or going to the beach with a baby, since I think I learned a lot on this trip!

But back to our mini family vacation.  We decided to leave early Thursday morning, right after Noah woke up.  As usual, Noah always sleeps later or naps longer whenever we have plans to leave by a certain time.  But since we already had the car packed, once he woke up, we left pretty soon after.  Noah was AMAZING in the car.  He slept a little, watched a few episodes of Bubble Guppies on the iPad, and we only had to stop once to change his diaper.    

We got to my brother's house at 11:30 and just played with the cousins until my parents and Luke arrived.

A few memorable moments...  Kaitlyn showed me her loose tooth.

Kaitlyn drew us a bunch of pictures... she really is quite the artist!

Aidan showed us how he can take a few steps!  And sometimes it was to get out of pictures!

We learned that Aidan doesn't always like for Kaitlyn to hold him... oh big sisters!

The little cousins played together... well at least until Aidan decided to crawl off.   I love that they are only 8 days apart!

And of course, the big cousins used Chris as a jungle gym.  I think Noah was a little confused as to why they were constantly jumping on his daddy.

And finally, we learned that Matthew wants to be a wrestler in the WWE when he grows up.   Even despite body slamming her, that tooth did not fall out!  However, my favorite part of these pictures is that Noah continues to play calmly with his little toy boat right in front of them as this all takes place!

Finally... Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Luke arrive!  Grandma of course brings gifts... little bags filled with art supplies!

And we had to dress all the cousins up in their Northwestern shirts and get a picture with Uncle Luke!

We then headed over to the hotel to check in.  It was Noah's first time in a hotel!!!  We quickly got changed, and we all went swimming!  The hotel had this great indoor/outdoor pool.  So we all went back and forth from the outside where it was nice and warm, to the inside where the kids loved jumping in the water and showing us their swimming skills.   We even brought Noah's pool raft... Noah and Aidan both ended up using it!

After everyone's fingers got all pruney, we dried off and got changed for dinner.   My brother had to work that day, so he left a little early and met us for dinner at Chilli's.  7 adults, 2 boosters, and 2 highchairs... I bet that waitress loved us!

I guess Noah was tired after a very long day with minimal naps, cause he fell asleep at the table.  Too bad he woke up as soon as we got back to the hotel and had trouble falling back to sleep.  I think he missed his glider and was a little confused in the unfamiliar surroundings.  We ended up having my mom (the baby whisperer) come over and she was the one who finally got him to go to sleep... at 10:15!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2... aka Friday in Rhode Island.  

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