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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Chris' parents, aka Grammy and Grandpa, rented a condo at LBI for a week this summer.  They got a 2 bedroom with a friend of theirs that was right on the beach and had a pool!  Chris wasn't able to take multiple days off of work, so instead we just drove down for the day.   I was a little worried it would be a long drive just for a day trip, but since we went on a Tuesday, we didn't hit any traffic and made AMAZING time (both ways)!!!  

We got there by 10 am and hit the beach.  Since Chris' parents had 2 umbrellas, and we were only planning to spend the morning there, we decided not to set up Noah's beach tent this time.  While the guys were bringing all the chairs and umbrellas out, Grammy and I took Noah out to the water.  He loved it so much in Rhode Island, but I think the waves were a little stronger (and louder) here.  I had him stand in the sand and waited for the water to come in.  At first we were just too far out so that the water didn't hit his feet, so I moved him a little closer.  Well then a wave came in and he got splashed a bit and he did not like it!  Thankfully he cheers up super quick (as in as soon as I picked him up)!  

Noah had fun playing with his sand toys while sitting on the blanket.  I'm sure he would have loved to sit in the sand, but this way was cleaner and I think it helped with him not eating the sand.  We took him back by the water and this time he loved it.  

We went back to the condo for lunch and a super quick nap... really, he only slept for 30 minutes (and did I mention that he didn't sleep at all on the car ride down!!!).  So we reapplied some sunscreen and went to the pool.  The pool was so warm and it was salt water instead of chlorinated.  Noah had a blast just watching the other kids play in the pool with a beach ball.  It was like he was watching a tennis match the way his eyes just went back and forth following the ball.  Then when it was his turn to play with it he was in heaven!  

After some quick showers (which Noah does not like!) we headed out for an early dinner at Howard's.  I got the fried lobster tail... delicious!  Noah just loved eating their bread!  

We left for home straight from the restaurant and I was happy to be home by 8pm and get Noah into bed.  It was a really fun day!

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  1. What a busy but fun day! It is nice that you were able to squeeze it in.


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