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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

Noah had his FIRST swim class on Saturday!  While we have taken him into the big pool at our apartment and the baby pool at my parents' house a few times, we were really excited for him to start his swim class.  We signed up for the Parent-Tot class at the Basking Ridge YMCA.  We had looked into the Morristown YMCA, but they didn't offer a Saturday class during the summer.  Chris really wanted to do the class with Noah, so we decided to look into the YMCA that I went to while living at home.  I was a little worried because it's at 10:10 (odd start time huh?) and that's normally when Noah naps, but he did great!

I was hoping to get lots of pictures of the class for two reasons.  I love documenting everything that Noah does, and this week for my photography class we were supposed to photograph an event and I thought this would be perfect.  Before class started, I took out my "fancy" camera to get my settings all ready, and a lifeguard came over and told me I couldn't take pictures of the class for privacy reasons... oh darn!  Not only that, but shortly after the class started, the other parents that were watching were told that we either needed to be in the water with a swim suit on or had to go up to the "observation deck".  So up I went, and I was able to get some "overview" shots of the class.   

This class is for babies 6 - 18 months old, and Noah was definitely the youngest (but not the smallest lol)!  They sing a bunch of songs, get them used to the water, and play a few games.  The teacher even took Noah for a little while to demonstrate how to hold your baby and have them "swim".  Chris said she was impressed how Noah was kicking in the water and that he was a natural.  

Throughout the class, they were given lots of little toys/props to use.  A sponge, a plastic cup, a rubber duckie, etc.  Everything Noah got, went directly in his mouth... he is seriously teething!  Thank goodness for the chlorinated water to kill all those germs!

Noah's First Swim Class was a success!   At the end of class, the teacher apologized for them making me go upstairs to watch (it wasn't her who told me I had to go).  I asked her if we were both allowed to go in the water with Noah, and she said definitely.  So I think next week we might both do the class with Noah!  

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