The Adventure Starts Here: Big Blue Basketball!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Blue Basketball!

I have a confession... I have officially become one of those moms who quotes lines and sings songs from a kids TV show!  Bubble Guppies to be specific.  I guess I brought it on myself though.  We were introduced to Bubble Guppies through my niece and nephew, so when Noah came along, Chris started recording episodes onto our Tivo.  We are only missing 2 episodes... "Haunted House Party" and "Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish".  At first, Noah didn't even notice it was on.  Then as he got a little older I could tell he liked all the music... he also seemed to enjoy The Voice and Dancing with the Stars for the same reason.  He rarely just sits and watches a show, it's just on while he plays and he looks up to watch it every once in a while.  We also downloaded a bunch of the episodes onto our iPad and he watches that in the car.  He usually falls asleep within 5-10 minutes of it being on... so much better than him crying during the car ride!

Anyway, back to me quoting the show.  One of my favorite episodes (can you believe I have favorites), is Fishketball.  The episode is all about sports and the different balls you use.  Well there's a part in it where Molly wants a "big blue basketball" and Deema (oh that Deema) can't seem to get it right.  First she gives her a "small blue basketball", then a "big red basketball", and then a big blue bowling ball".  It's obviously done in a cute singsongy way that makes it stick in your head.  I already found myself "singing" this randomly during the day.  And then Chris brought home a ball for Noah that they could play with in the pool.  Since the ball was blue, I couldn't help saying/singing "Daddy brought you a 'big blue bouncy ball, a big blue bouncy ball'".  Yup, I'm super cool!

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