The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 37

Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 37

Weight:  Around 24 lbs!
Health:  Same old story... still teething!    

Sleep:  Goes to bed around 8pm and and wakes up between 6 and 7 am.   This past weekend he was getting up twice during the night, but then it got really bad this week and he was waking up almost every 2 hours after midnight hit!   It wouldn't have been as bad if he would have taken a good morning nap, but of course Monday and Tuesday he barely napped at all!

Clothes:  6-12 and some 12-18 month clothes.  Here's the outfit that Joe and Teri brought him when they came to visit!

Social:  On Friday, Noah and I had a playdate through our Morristown MOMS group.

We had a fun weekend just the three of us.  We've had a pretty low key week.  It's been really hot, so we've tried to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible.  We did meet my friend Jill for lunch on Tuesday though.   Right now, we are in Rhode Island, visiting my brother and his family.  

Diet:  Noah tried a combo of carrots, peas, and potatoes, and I also gave him squash again to try.  Last time he had it was many months ago, and he got a slight rash on his stomach.  Thankfully, this time around he hasn't had a reaction!!!

One day he was not interested in eating anything and just wanted his bottles.  At dinnertime all I could get him to do was snack on stuff.  He had a few pieces of a real plum, had some banana slices, and he really loves the Gerber Cheese Snacks (like mild stale cheetos).  On Tuesday, he tried a real baby carrot.  I steamed it a lot and cut it in thirds.  He ate one full carrot in the end before deciding he had enough.

Baby Gear Love:   Noah likes his V-Tech Walker.  He has started to be able to stand while holding onto it, but mostly he likes playing with it while sitting down.  I like that it can detach from the walker part if he wants to play with is fully on the ground.

Daddy Time:   Noah still has his bath with Chris almost every night.  This week we also started trying to add reading to the bedtime routine.

And of course, more pool pictures!

Noah's all ready for the All Star Game... though he fell asleep before it started!

Milestones:   Noah is able to move all over the room now!  He started out in the bottom right of the picture below, and next thing you know he's rolled and turned around to get all the way to the upper left!

Noah went on his first long car trip yesterday.  Right now we are in Rhode Island and I will be posting about how he did on the 3+ hour car trip on Monday.  

Likes:    Noah likes to stand up ALL the time!  Whether it's while on one of our laps or holding onto the couch.

Noah still likes his Bla Bla Doll, Sox the Fox (as well as his tag)...

Noah likes to "help" me fold laundry.  I think it's really that he just likes to grab onto everything!

Mommy:  Noah and I have so much fun during the week.  I especially love our mornings where we just play with his toys.   I'm so happy that I get to be with him every part of every day!

Happy 37 Weeks Noah!

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