The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 36

Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 36

This week is kind of special in a few ways.  Noah is now 36 weeks old, and the last pregnancy picture I took was at 36 weeks.  I checked into the hospital at 36 weeks and delivered later that week (just shy of 37 weeks).  

Also, July 12, 2012 is the day we found out that Baby Flinn was a BOY!  Here's Noah holding the sonogram picture from that day... what a difference a year makes!

Okay, so back to the regular Noah update...

Weight:  24 lbs and 30 inches long!
Health:  The teething kind of stinks... I can't wait til those two top teeth come through.    

Sleep:  This past week was bad!  There was maybe one or two nights where he only woke up twice, but for the most part he was up A LOT each night.  Chris gets him if it's before midnight, but one night he wasn't able to soothe him back to sleep so I had to get up.  Then I take over after midnight.  Two nights in a row he got up probably 3 times with Chris, and then every 2 hours with me.  The first night this happened, he napped well during the day, but after the second night, he wouldn't even nap!  Thankfully, after the second night of him doing this, my mom came over to watch him so I could take a morning nap.

Clothes:  He is still wearing his 6-12 month clothes, but now anything new we get him is 12-18 (he's really long now!)

Social:  After our very busy 4th of July weekend, Noah and I took it really easy on Monday and just hung out, played, and did lots of laundry.  On Tuesday, my friend Kristen came over for lunch.  We were gonna go eat at Panera, but when we got there a sign was up saying their A/C wasn't working, so we took it back to the apartment.  She got Noah a new little friend... the Cat in the Hat!  Noah loved him!

We also did some lunches with Grandma and Uncle Luke this week... it was nice to get out of the house.

Diet:  This week Noah tried raspberry (Raspberry Spinach Greek Yogurt).  He tried some real mashed potatoes (I put some formula in it to help mash them up) and after the third bite he made a face like he didn't like them.   He had been having trouble picking up the puffs, so I gave him some Gerber Cheese Puffs and since these are a little bigger he's able to pick them up and eat on his own.  I'm still waiting for my plum and pear to get soft enough for him to eat!

I also gave Noah a cookie to eat and I got over my fear of him getting messy and let him go at it.

Baby Gear Love:   We love the swim float we got for Noah!  So far we have only used in the evening when the sun was already behind the apartment, but I love that it has a canopy for when we are out in the middle of the day!

Daddy Time:   The pool really is Noah and Chris' "thing".  I've gone in with Noah a few times, but I love watching the two of them "swim" around and have so much fun!  Every night Chris wants to go down right after we eat dinner!

Milestones:   We lowered Noah's crib mattress again.  While it's harder to transfer him into it after I've rocked him to sleep, it makes me more comfortable knowing he won't fall out of it if he all of a sudden learns to go from sitting to standing on his own!

This is gonna sound really pathetic, but we finally all sat at our kitchen table and ate dinner together as a family.  Obviously, Noah sits at the table with us when we go out to eat or when at the grandparents' houses.  But at home, I normally feed Noah before Chris gets home, and then we just eat dinner while sitting on the couch.  Well last night, we put Noah in his little booster chair, and we ate dinner together.  Noah even tried some mashed potatoes.

Likes:    Noah loves to smile/laugh.  He has this thing now where he smiles with his whole face... scrunches up his nose, shows his two little teeth, and flails his head backwards.  It's the CUTEST thing and I really think he's aware that he's so adorable when he does it and therefore does it more!

Mommy:  Not too much this week.  I'm really hating this super hot weather cause it keeps me from going on our walks.  In the past I've always had more success in losing weight with exercise rather than being really strict with my diet, so this lack of exercise is really doing me in.

Happy 36 Weeks Noah!

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