The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 35

Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 35

Weight:  23 lbs and 30 inches long!

Health:  We are definitely teething here.  He's fine during the day because he chews on everything he can touch, and at night we have started to give him Tylenol to help with the pain.  

Sleep:  We've had horrible nights and amazing nights of sleep this past week.  Friday night he literally woke up 7 times!  Most of the times he just needed to be rocked a little, and other times he needed a bottle.  I really think it was due to teething, so Saturday night we gave him Tylenol before bed, and it helped a little (3 wake ups that night).  But then we turned a corner and Sunday night, he went to bed at 7:45 and didn't wake up until 6:15... it was amazing!  But since then it's been hit or miss as to whether he wakes up just once or multiple times during the night.

Clothes:  Wearing 6-12 in most and a few size 18 months!

Social:  We had a fun weekend with friends and Noah's Great Gram.

Nothing too exciting during the beginning of the week.  My mom watched him on Tuesday so I could get a facial (breaking out like I'm a teenager!) and pedicure and he got to play with Uncle Luke again!

On Wednesday, we met Grammy and Grandpa for lunch at Panera.

I will be doing a separate post about the 4th of July and our long weekend.

Diet:  We've started giving Noah more real food, especially when we are out to eat.  So far the standards have been sliced banana, bread, and french fries.  Noah tried greek yogurt, plums, and grapes in some pureed blends.

Baby Gear Love:   It's something that I never even really crossed my mind since we've used them since Noah was born, but we love the to go pouches of Enfamil formula.  When at brunch with Gram on Sunday, I had to make Noah a bottle at the table.  I have a little toiletry bag that keeps his bottles, nipples, and the packets of formula.  I love that I don't have to worry about measuring out the formula ahead of time... I just grab a few pouches, pack a few bottles with the water already in them and I'm on my way!  Gram was so impressed with it, especially since when she was making bottles you had to boil the water and all that jazz.  I really am glad to have these little conveniences to make our life just that much easier!

Daddy Time:   Chris loves spending time with Noah, and since he often only gets an hour or two with him each weekday, I try to step back on the weekends and let them do as much as they can together.   Chris has so much fun getting Noah to laugh!

Milestones:   Noah celebrated his first 4th of July!

Noah is getting better and standing each and every day.  Now when he's on our lap, that's all he wants to do!  If you are holding him under his armpits, he will take your thumbs one at a time and move your hands so that you are holding him by his hands instead... it's so cute!

The last picture Chris took like this was a fake out (with Chris holding him from behind).  Apparently this was for real... looks like we will need to lower the crib again soon!

This past weekend, Noah started doing high fives on his own!  In the past I've always had to hold his hand up in order for me to give him high five, but he just all of a sudden started doing it with Chris the other day!

Likes:    Noah still likes balloons...

Noah loves playing on the ground and apparently likes to have ALL his toys within arms reach!

Mommy:  I was able to get away for a couple of hours on Tuesday and get a facial and pedicure. It's nice sometimes to drive in the car by myself and just sit back and relax for a few hours.

Happy 35 Weeks Noah!

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  1. I hate when they get their sleeping patterns all crazy! I hope he goes back to all great night soon. And those to-go pouches are amazing- we used them all the time with B


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