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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What happens when Mommy's away...

Recently I've gone out a few times by myself for a couple of hours and Chris watches Noah all on his own.  Up until now, Chris has only really ever watched him on his own while I sleep.  I always knew that Chris could do it, it's just that I was getting most of my things done during the week when he was at work.  Memorial Day Weekend I went down to the gym, then last weekend I went to get my hair colored and cut, and last night I went to a Banquet for the Morristown MOMs group.   Whenever I'm gone, Chris sends me lots of pictures and videos of the little man.  From what I see, Noah has a blast with Daddy!  Chris has even mastered bedtime!  Maybe I should go out more often ;)

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  1. Take advantage of the alone time for sure! Plus, it is good for daddies and babies to bond, especially when they are with Mom all day!


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