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Thursday, June 20, 2013

SPD: Father's Day Craft

This was Chris' First Father's Day, so in addition to some store bought gifts, I wanted to make a craft for him with Noah.  So I immediately went to Pinterest to get some inspiration.  Enter this super easy handprint craft.  I knew this was right up my alley since I was working with a 7 month old :)

I looked online to see what paint I should use.  It seemed like tempura paint was the recommended kind.  But the craft store guy said that since I was just putting it on paper, fingerpaint was the way to go and easier to wash off Noah's hands.  I would have needed to use tempura paint if I was putting it on something like a shirt that would need to stay on after washing.  

One afternoon when my mom was over, we got to work (she was my photographer).  At first I just tried dipping his hand in the paint, but that got too much paint and didn't create a very clean handprint.  

So we started over, and this time I sat him in his high chair and used one of my makeup sponges to apply a thin layer of pain on his hand.  We did one hand at a time and it turned out pretty well.  

Make sure to have lots of wipes nearby, even with less paint it was VERY messy.  It also helps to have a helper to take away the paper so you don't get it messy before you are able to clean up.  

While the example I found on Pinterest was on construction paper, I used plain white card stock, just used a black sharpie for the writing, and then made it look nicer by putting it in a black frame.  Chris loved it and plans to display it on his desk at work.  

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  1. This is too cute for words!

  2. Super cute! I love messy fun!

  3. Love this! And Noah actually looks like he really didn't mind it in which Drew would have spazed out at that age!!

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  4. How cute! I have seen this floating around and it is so adorable. What a great first father's day gift. Visiting from the SPD link up :)


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