The Adventure Starts Here: Philadelphia Wedding

Monday, June 3, 2013

Philadelphia Wedding

I love going to weddings, especially when a good friend of mine is the one getting married.  I love the excitement and love that surrounds the entire day.  On Saturday, Chris and I drove down to Philadelphia to the Aresano Iron Works for my friend Amy's wedding.   The venue was a converted warehouse that is now a gallery.  The ceremony was held outside in this small little courtyard and then the cocktail hour and reception were held inside the gallery.

Amy is a really good friend of mine from college, so also there at the wedding were 3 other college friends and their husbands/boyfriends.  This was the first time I spent an extended period of time away from Noah.  I knew he was in good hands with my mom watching him and I got plenty of updates and pictures throughout the evening.  Chris and I had a lot of fun... the food and drinks were delicious, we had a blast catching up with some old friends, and we even ended the night with a little dancing.  While we were a little tired the next morning (Noah doesn't care that we were up later than normal), I'm so glad that we can sometimes go out just the two of us!

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