The Adventure Starts Here: Father's Day Weekend 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  This was Chris' First Father's Day, and if I do say so myself, we had an amazing Father's Day Weekend over here!

Noah gave his daddy a few gifts on Saturday and a few more on Sunday.  There was the jar full of reeses pieces, labelled "Dad, we love you to pieces!" on it (courtesy of Pinterest).  There was a "Daddy Hugs" book, which they read Saturday morning.  Just like Noah had on Mother's Day, he wore a "First Father's Day" bib Saturday for lunch.  

And on Sunday, Noah surprised Chris with a personalized card, an engraved frame from Pottery Barn, some golf balls that say "First Father's Day", and a fun little craft (also found on Pinterest).  This frame with his little handprints on it will find a home at Chris' office.  

This Father's Day Weekend, we celebrated with my dad on Saturday, and Chris' dad on Sunday.   On Saturday, we went over to my parents' house for lunch and some swimming.   My parents put some mats down on the deck (so he wouldn't get splinters), bought a baby pool, and got a new table and chairs just so that Noah (and the adults) could enjoy the deck more.  Noah had a ton of fun playing with all his bath/beach toys in the baby pool.  

Chris and Noah wearing matching navy shirts and red plaid shorts!

Check out that Tommy Hilfiger swim suit and rash guard (got to support Daddy's employer)!

Noah got Grandpa a personalized frame with a picture of the two of them in it... he loved it!

And no trip to Grandma and Grandpa's would be complete without going on Grandpa's shoulders and checking out the grass and trees!  I just wish I got a picture of Noah, my dad, and me!

It seems we really tired Noah out, because then he napped on Grandma for 2 plus hours!

On Sunday, Chris and Noah played with the watermelon balloon that we got for Chris/Noah before heading out for brunch with the Flinns.  

We went over to their house first and basically did a mini photo shoot with everyone in the family.  Chris' dad is a big Cardinals fan, so we got a Cardinals bib for Noah to wear.  But since Chris is a Mets fan, we decided to have Noah represent both!

Once again, Chris and Noah matched... I love holidays!

Noah with his Uncle Justin!

This year we went to brunch at the Stonehouse in Warren.  They have a jazz band play every Sunday for brunch and the food was really great.  I love that Noah is now the age where he can sit in the high chair and have some food while we wait.  He munched on banana and puffs and finished with a bottle. 

Our food was amazing.  Check out the french toast I got and the Eggs Benedict Grammy got!

Once again, we tuckered Noah out... he fell asleep right before we left.  And before we were able to get a group shot :(

As you can see, we had a great weekend celebrating with the dads in our life. 

Happy Father's Day from our little family of three!

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