The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 34

Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 34

Weight:  23 lbs

Health:  I think Noah is teething again.  He was playing on the floor and I was watching TV sitting on the couch, and all of a sudden he just bit my toe!

Sleep:  This past week he's been getting up once a night normally.  There were a few nights where he got up twice, but I think that was because his schedule had been thrown off during the day.  The one night was after we had gone to the city all day and he just took naps in his stroller or the car.  And the other time was after he had had a very long afternoon nap... over 3 hours!  Wednesday night was the worst cause he woke up multiple times at night and then didn't really nap well during the day... I think the lack of sleep affected me more than Noah.

Clothes:  It seems like he's starting to transition into the next size.  I've started buying him 18 months in Carters.  He still fits in the 6-12 at Gap, but we will need to buy him 12-18 for the fall I'm guessing.

Social:  We had our fun trip to NYC on Friday.  We had a pretty relaxing weekend, taking family walks, playing inside, and going to the pool.  My parents and brother Luke came over Sunday night to go swimming with us.  I wanted to give Luke his graduation card since we weren't able to go to Chicago for the actual ceremony.  We are so proud of him!

On Monday, Noah and I met one of the mom's from the Morristown Moms group and her son.  It was my first time trying Millie's Meatballs and Pizza.  I have seen their outside seating many times on our walks, and always wanted to try it.  Unfortunately it was too hot to eat outside (especially with 2 babies), but the meatballs and pizza were very yummy!

On Tuesday, we headed over to my parents' house.  Noah played with Uncle Luke and Grandpa even let him go swimming in their little pool without a diaper or bathing suit on!  I told Grandpa that if he makes a mess, Grandpa had to clean it up!  Thankfully, no messes needed to be cleaned up!

Sporting the Northwestern Tee Uncle Luke brought him!

Conveniently covered up by bath/pool toys

On Wednesday, we met my friend Jill for lunch again.   Afterwards, we ran a few errands and Noah kept smiling and giggling at people in line.  Usually he just stares at strangers, so it was a surprise when he was smiling back at them!  We stopped by Michaels and I was able to pick up some Project Life stuff... I'm so glad Michaels is now carrying it!

Diet:  This week he tried pumpkin and orange in some Stage 2 blends.  He seemed to like them both.  He also had his first french fry at Shake Shack on Friday, and I gave him a couple when we went to lunch with Jill.  Next I want to give him some string cheese and maybe some little pasta to try.

Noah immediately puts his hands by his ears when he drinks a bottle now.  

Baby Gear Love:   We haven't used it much yet, but we got an iPad holder that straps it to the headrest of the car.  We are going to use it to play Bubble Guppies for Noah during car rides.  Sometimes Noah loves the car, but other times when we are all alone, he gets upset.  I'm hoping watching Bubble Guppies will distract him.  

Daddy Time:   Chris is great and lets me sleep in (til 8:30) on the weekends and he plays with Noah.  While it's tough getting up early, I think Chris really enjoys this one on one time he has with Noah every weekend.  One of the things Chris loves to do with Noah is play tent!

Milestones:   Noah is now able to stand while holding onto the couch.  For a while I would put him there and he would immediately fall.  At the beginning of the week I was impressed that he could just stand there for a while, and then the next day he wowed me by doing it with only one arm supporting him!  It's amazing how one day they are just able to do something new!

Noah has also started moving.  Not really sure how he does it, but I think he basically crawls/scoots backwards and rolls.  Yesterday he was playing on the ground (in the middle of the blanket) while I ate breakfast and the next thing I know he is under the side table... how did he do that!  

Likes:    Noah really seems to love the pool.  And this week he finally started putting his hand in the waterfall.  Before he liked to look at it but wouldn't reach out to touch it.  He didn't even mind that the water was splashing him in the face!  I'm so excited for his swim lessons to start up this Saturday!

This might be something that I like more than Noah, but he's started getting really affectionate lately.  He will reach his arms up when he wants to be picked up.  He will also give me real hugs now and it just makes my heart swell.  He's also started initiating kissing me on the cheek.  He had been opening his mouth to kiss me when I put my cheek to his lips, but now he will actually grab my face and do it on his own.  It's the cutest thing ever!

Mommy:  Not too much was new this week with me.  I did put this mini gallery wall of frames up in the corner of our bedroom.  Now I just need to fill the rest of the frames with pictures.

And because I know it will be time consuming, I've started compiling all of our videos and photos (so far) that I want to use in his 1 year video and slide show.  Boy do I already have a lot... I really need to cut a lot out or else this thing will be 30 minutes long!

Happy 34 Weeks Noah!

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