The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 33

Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 33

Weight:  around 22 lbs

Health:  Noah is a really healthy boy!

Sleep:  This week he's been taking 2 naps a day and gets up once in the middle of the night.  Not bad if you ask me :)

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 12 months (in Carters).  Size 4 wide in shoes.  He wore an 18 month shirt for Father's Day and it looked great.

Social:  Last Friday, Noah and I met some of my old co-workers for lunch.  Noah sat in the high chair and was amazing the whole time!  I'm so impressed that the waitress was able to get a picture of all of us where Noah is actually looking AND smiling!

Uncle Luke is now finished with grad school and is back from his vacation in Norway.  We went to lunch with him and Grandma on Tuesday.  We went to Joe's at the Short Hills Mall and afterwards did a little shopping.  Luke was so good at keeping him entertained.

On Wednesday, Noah and I met our friend Elena for lunch at Panera again... we love having our regular lunches!

On Thursday, we met my friend Marlaina for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  

Diet:  This past week Noah tried a strawberry and spinach blend.  I've also been giving him more real food.  He had real banana a few times, loves eating his puffs, and I give him pieces of bread when we are out at restaurants.

Noah enjoying a biscuit :)

Baby Gear Love:   I love the strollers we have.  For long walks we use the Peg Perego Switch Four.  If I'm driving somewhere where I won't really be using a stroller, I use our MacClaren umbrella stroller, to make the very LONG walk to our parking garage.  Noah is pretty heavy to carry all that way!  They each serve their purpose well!

Daddy Time:   There was a lot of Daddy Noah time this past weekend with Father's Day!  Also, on Sunday morning, Chris and I took Noah to the Morristown Farmer's Market!

On Wednesday night, we took Noah down to the pool when Christ got home from work.  I love watching Chris play in the pool with Noah!

Milestones:   Not much, other than he's a pro at sitting now.. I can now sit him with his toys and leave the room to put laundry on and go to the bathroom.  It's nice to know he won't topple over anymore.  He's also starting to lift his chest up a little when on his stomach... I wonder if he'll start crawling soon.

Likes:    Noah loves to swim.  Check out this video where he's actually kicking!

Noah loves knocking down the towers that Chris makes out of his blocks!

Noah likes to play tent with Chris

Noah has this thing where he loves to put his feet up on his stroller... this kid really knows how to relax!

Mommy:  I've been taking more walks with Noah recently, so hopefully it helps with the rest of the baby weight!  I've been breaking out recently though, so I should probably adjust my eating and drink more water.

Happy 33 Weeks Noah!

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