The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 32

Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 32

Weight:  around 22 lbs

Health:  Noah's very healthy.  He did get his first pimple on his chin, but I'm honestly shocked he didn't have them when born!

Sleep:  Some nights are horrible (like Tuesday) and he gets up 3 times, and other nights are AMAZING (like Monday night) when he goes to bed at 8 and doesn't wake up til 6:30!  Same thing with naps.  Sometimes he takes a 2 hour nap in the morning and another 2 hour nap in the afternoon, other times I can't get him to sleep longer than 30 minutes.  On Sunday, he was anti nap.  Finally at 5:30 he fell asleep.  I figured he'd sleep for about an hour, have dinner, and go to bed at his normal time.  But as I've learned, you can never count on anything.  That night he slept til 11pm, had a bottle with Chris, and slept through til the morning!

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 12 months (in Carters).  We got him size 18 months for his rash guards since those things are hard to get off when wet (thanks for the tip Trisha)!!!  Size 4 wide in shoes.

Social:  On Sunday, Noah and I decided to show Daddy the playground that we go to with the MOMs group.  Chris got to push him on the swings and see first hand how much better he is at holding his head up now!

On Wednesday, Grandma and Grandpa came over and we took Noah to the pool for a little while.  It was such a nice day out and I think Noah really enjoyed being in the water.

Diet:  On Friday, Noah tried a broccoli apple blend, and Wednesday he tried corn, sweet potato, and apple blend.  So far he seems fine with both the corn and broccoli.  I have a whole bag of Plum Organic Stage 2 blended foods for him to try.  He's also ready to try the pureed meat and macaroni and cheese!  So much to try!

Baby Gear Love:   We still really love the new car seat.  Noah just looks so much more comfortable in it with the extra room!

Noah sat in the shopping cart for the first time!  We used this great shopping cart/high chair cover and I'm glad we did since he started chewing on the seat belt.  I'm just happy it was our seat belt he was chewing on and not the yucky shopping cart!  He even got a super cool watermelon balloon that is bigger than he is.  It's technically for Chris for Father's Day (since he LOVES watermelon), but we all know the balloon is really for Noah.

Not sure if it's considered "baby gear", but Noah's new friend, "Socks the Fox", arrived on Tuesday.  When I handed it to him, he actually squealed with glee!  He loved Socks immediately and now he does everything with him!

Daddy Time:   Chris watched Noah on Saturday morning so that I could get a massage!  Chris sent me pictures while I was gone so I knew he was having fun :)  And no, Noah did not learn to stand on his own during the 2 hours I was gone... this photo is a total fake :)

When I got home, Noah was all ready to watch the Mets!

Chris started playing with Noah under his burp cloth like it was a tent... Noah loves it!

Milestones:   Not sure if this is a milestone per se, but Noah has started to make this face ALL THE TIME!  I said it reminded me of Popeye... my mom says that I used to make that face as a baby too!  It cracks us up!  He started doing this Monday afternoon after I was gone all day.  I joked around saying that it was his "I'm mad at you for leaving me all day" face.

Here I am at 6 months on the left, and Noah at 7 months making the same face!  See the resemblance???

I think Noah is telling us that he has outgrown his nap nanny.  He is now moving into funky positions and I'm worried he will fall out of it soon!  Good thing he likes to sit on the floor to play now!

Noah officially has (just) enough hair to make a mohawk in the bath!

Likes:    Noah is a happy baby who likes a lot of things.  Noah loves to swing!

Noah seems to love the pool (which I'm thrilled about!)

Noah has now learned how to play peekaboo... and it's adorable!

Noah likes to stare out the window.  He likes looking at the cars drive by.  Here he just liked looking at the rain.  

And Noah likes himself!  As a child, I loved looking at my reflection.  Whether it was in a mirror or my reflection in the sliding door window while we ate dinner, I was constantly looking at myself.  It seems Noah has inherited my vanity!

Mommy:  Getting a massage on Saturday was AMAZING!  Just last week I was starting to get these random pains from my neck down my back.  I guess carrying around a 22 lb baby is starting to take its toll on my neck and back.  Chris had given me a gift card to get a massage for Valentine's Day 2012!  A couple of weeks later I found out we were pregnant and was hesitant to get a massage from someone not specialized in prenatal massage.  So I'm glad I finally got to use it!

I am really enjoying my new photography class too.  Last week's assignment was "landscapes" and this week is "editorial".  I'm having fun coming up with ideas of what I'm going to photograph each week!

On Monday and Tuesday, I went to my Accounting CPE classes.  My mom watched Noah both days while I sat in a conference room for 8 hours... not very exciting!  Thankfully Grandma sent me a bunch of pictures while I was gone!

Happy 32 Weeks Noah!


  1. Your welcome on the rash guard! Aidan is going to be jealous about the # of pictures discrepancy between him and Noah (& Kaitlyn for that matter)! First babies ;)

  2. Your welcome on the rash guard! Aidan is going to be jealous about the # of pictures discrepancy between him and Noah (& Kaitlyn for that matter)! First babies ;)


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