The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 31

Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 31

Weight:  around 22 lbs

Health:  Noah's health is great.  I don't think he's teething at the moment, even though he's drooling like it's his job.   His rash seems to have disappeared too... so glad about that!

Sleep:  I would say on average Noah wakes up once a night now needing a bottle.  Sometimes he sleeps all the way through, and other times he wakes up twice.  His naps on the other hand are not good this week.  He would only sleep 30 minutes to an hour in the morning, and then a few times wouldn't nap in the afternoon until almost 4!  A few days he got in a good 2 hour afternoon nap which was great.  But often we find him getting sleepy when we are out since he's not napping in the morning when we are home!

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 12 months (in Carters).  We also got him his first pairs of shoes at Stride Rite... he wears a size 4 wide.  They say he should fit in these until Labor Day.

Social:  Last Friday I met some of my old co-workers for lunch.  Noah has met Jill many times, but this was the first time he met Katie.  It's so much fun catching up with friends over pizza!

On Monday and Tuesday we took walks around Morristown.  I loved that it wasn't too hot and barely any humidity... makes taking walks more enjoyable.  We even stopped at the Green for a strawberry/water break.

On Wednesday, Grandma and I took Noah to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  We had originally planned to go to Chipotle, but the line was out the door when we got there.  Instead we got this great table outside in the shade.  Noah even ate his lunch (a sweet potato and apple blend) there sitting in the restaurant high chair!  I guess a lot of people had the same idea as us, because there was a line of strollers inside the restaurant.  I meant to take a picture, but I forgot!

On Thursday, we went to playgroup at a playground nearby.  Noah loves to swing!

Diet:  We held off trying new foods this week because of his rash, but he did have a teething cookie!   He also loves to chew on the wash cloth after I clean his face.  Since the rash went away at the end of this week, I think we will try some new fruits and vegetables next week.

Baby Gear Love:  We upgraded Noah to a convertible car seat (still rear facing).  He was getting too heavy for me to take in and out in the infant car seat and I wanted to give him some extra room.  After doing a little research we went with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5-70 Convertible.  I like it especially because of the recline options as well as an adjustable headrest for when he gets taller. 

We also got Noah this new V-Tech Walker.  Right now he just plays with it sitting down, but eventually I think it will be fun for him to walk around with it.  

Daddy Time:   Chris and Noah had a bunch of time one on one this week.  Chris has learned the Noah loves to watch the cars go by, so if he gets upset, Chris will just stand by the window and let him stare at them!

Noah (and Chris and I) really like Bubble Guppies.  Chris found these Gil and Nonnie Race Cars and had to get them.  I'm not sure if they are for Noah or for Chris!

Milestones:   We have officially moved the stroller around so he faces out.  He was leaning so far over to try to see over the sides when he was facing me, that I figured it was time.  So far he seems to love it!

Another milestone was going to the pool for the first time, as I posted on Tuesday.   

Noah is getting so much better at sitting up in general.  He can now sit straight up in the wooden highchairs as well as in his bath tub!

Likes:    Going on walks.  He loves to watch the cars go by and he loves going to the fountain in the Green and listening to the water!

Noah likes to watch Bubble Guppies and he likes his feet, so he combined his loves and watches TV like this!  Man I wish I was that flexible!

Noah likes to knock down towers of blocks.  Chris started this with him on the weekend where he'd build a tower and Noah would immediately knock it over (video).  I decided to build a tower and take some pictures of him trying to knock it down.  

Mommy:  A few fun things this week... I went to get my hair colored and cut.   I started another photography class on Monday!  On Wednesday I went to a banquet with the MOMs group I joined.

Happy 31 Weeks Noah!

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