The Adventure Starts Here: My First Mother's Day

Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Mother's Day

I had an amazing First Mother's Day Weekend!  Chris and Noah made me feel so special and loved!  I thought we would only be "celebrating" on actual Mother's Day, but I learned on Saturday that it would be an entire weekend full of treats!  

Noah was up a few times on Friday night, so Chris let me sleep in Saturday morning and he took care of Noah.  That's an amazing gift in my book :)

Then I was surprised with this Mom's Day Balloon.  It was cute already, but then to see how fascinated Noah was with it and how he had fun playing with the string and looking at the balloon, it made it even better!  

When lunchtime came around, I found this new bib in the cabinet... how cute is that!  A cute personalized bib on my little munchkin, can't get much better than that!

I had no clue that I'd be getting gifts on Saturday, so I was very surprised when Chris Noah had more things for me!  When he went out to get something for dinner, he came back with a bouquet of peonies (my favorite), chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries (from my favorite chocolate store), and a card from Noah.  

I love chocolate, but it was even cuter to watch Noah play with the ribbon.  He was determined to untie that ribbon!

Aren't peonies so pretty!  On Sunday the pink ones bloomed and the arrangement looked even prettier! 

Noah also got me this great personalized frame from Pottery Barn that says "First Mother's Day" "Noah and Mom 2013".  I tried taking a picture of it, but since it's silver it was hard to get no glare and still be able to see the writing.  Now I just have to find an amazing picture of Noah and me to put in it!

I was determined to get a few cute shots of me and my baby.  Since most of the time I am home alone with Noah, I don't get as many pictures of me with him as I'd like.  I decided to take this weekend as an opportunity for us to do a little photo shoot.  We took some inside on Saturday (it was pretty cloudy out), and then we went outside in our courtyard on Sunday.  

You can see from these pictures that Noah has his hand in his mouth a lot.  A tooth has come in and this boy is experiencing some pain.  Nights have been rough and I feel so bad for him.  Extra snuggles have been needed, but isn't that what being a mom is really about... taking care of your baby!

This weekend I felt seriously spoiled and was constantly told what a great mom I am to Noah.  But then I think about how long I've wanted to be a mom and how hard we tried to get little Noah.  I found myself compelled to thank Noah for making me a mom.  He really is the best gift I've ever been given and I feel blessed to be his mom.   Motherhood can be overwhelming at times, considering I was given this perfect little boy and I am responsible for raising him into a man.  But with this lofty responsibility comes the biggest joys I've ever experienced, and I've only had him for 6 months.  I look forward to many more Mother's Days with this little boy, who finally made me a mom!


  1. What a sweet hubby you have! And adorable son! Happy first Mother's Day! First time by the blog!

  2. SO sweet! I love that fist picture of you guys too, it is perfect!


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