The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - 30 Weeks

Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Noah - 30 Weeks

I usually try to take a posed picture of Noah each week for the title picture, but it seems this week just got away from me.  We really weren't just sitting at home much this week!  This picture was from our day at Grammy and Grandpa's house on Saturday and he looks just like I did as a baby!  If you disect Noah's features, he really does look like me and my younger brother as babies.  But then there are times when he looks JUST like Chris.  I really do think most of his expressions are Chris'!  Aren't genetics amazing?

Weight:  21 1/2 lbs

Health:  We were back at the doctor this week when Noah got a rash on his stomach.  He tried Multi Grain Cereal for the first time Wednesday morning, and when we were getting him ready for bed that night, we noticed that he had red blotches all over his stomach.  When they were still there Thursday morning, I called the doctor and had him check Noah out.  The doctor said he can't be sure if it's a food allergy, but since Noah isn't showing any other signs (fever, fussiness, etc) and isn't bothered by the rash, he suggested just stopping the multi grain cereal for now and trying it again in a few weeks.     


And we can't forget about those teeth! The painful teething seems to be over now that those two teeth are through.  He's still drooling a lot and likes to chew on things, but the crying has stopped and it doesn't seem like he's frantically looking for something to bite on.  

Crying:  Noah really doesn't cry much (unless he's hungry or tired), so we couldn't miss the opportunity to take this picture when he randomly started crying for maybe a minute while we were playing.  I have no clue what brought it on, but he's cute even when he cries!

Sleep:  Sleep got better this week thankfully!  Saturday night he woke up once and Sunday and Monday night he slept through the night!  He is now back to waking up once (usually around 3 or 4) and then sleeping til 7:30... I can totally handle that!

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 12 months (in Carters).

Social:  We had a busy Memorial Day Weekend as you can read from Wednesday's post.  On Tuesday, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house again and Noah was able to see Luke when he got home from work (Luke was away Memorial Day Weekend).

On Wednesday, we went to a playgroup through the Morristown MOMS group.  It was at one of the mom's houses and Noah got to "play" with 3 other little kids.  He really just sat on the floor and played with a few toys, but it was fun for me to be able to chat with some other moms for an hour or so.

We also went to lunch with our friend Elena on Wednesday.  She had seen Noah wearing his mustache shirt last week and requested that he wear it to lunch.  She brought her mustache on a stick and they had a little photo op!

Even though he looks sad in this picture, I promise you he was having a fun time!

On Thursday, my best friend Marlaina came over and we went out to dinner.  We had originally planned to eat outside, but since walking to the restaurant was ridiculously hot, we opted to sit inside the air conditioning.  We did however stop for frozen yogurt and eat that outside :)   

Diet:  Noah obviously tried multigrain cereal this week and the cereal won.  Noah also tried a few "real" foods this week.  He tried a small piece of watermelon on Saturday.  He swished it around his mouth for a while, but didn't realize he should swallow it and ended up spitting it out.

We let him taste some sugar free vanilla frozen yogurt on Sunday, and he seemed to like that.  He's also starting to get the hang of eating puffs and now knows how to swallow them.

I also gave him some tiny pieces of banana, but he just let them get really mushy in his mouth and it looked like it came out with his drool.

He also got to try a blueberry banana puree.  Chris was excited to feed him blueberries in a blue bowl with the blue spoon.  He was a little disappointed when the puree didn't really look that blue lol.

Baby Gear Love:  Noah has started to get really into his toys this week.  He likes to play his piano, play with his blocks, and sit at this toy when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.   

We haven't used it yet, but we did just order this chair for him.  Now that Noah is going to start eating some more real food, I want to start eating dinner together as a family.  Right now, Chris and I often eat dinner just sitting on the couch.   I'd really like to start the tradition of a family dinner at the table every night.  

Daddy Time:   There was a lot of Noah Daddy time this past weekend.  Noah has been going to bed earlier and earlier this week, so Chris really only gets an hour with him on weeknights.  Chris can't wait for weekends!  We are also going to sign Noah up for a swim class this summer and Chris is gonna do it with him.

Noah and Chris watching Bubble Guppies

Milestones:   Noah is getting so good at sitting!   He also loves to stand on our laps.

Likes:   Noah likes balloons!  Here is staring up at the balloon...

Noah also likes mirrors... or maybe he just likes looking at his pretty face (I know I do!)

Mommy:  The Wheel of Fortunes that we went to aired on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday we were never shown, but on Friday you could see us in the audience!

Chris and I are going to a wedding this weekend.  My good friend from college, Amy, is getting married on Saturday.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I'm so excited to go and have a fun night with my college friends.  It will be the longest I've been away from Noah, but I know he will have a blast with my mom.  The wedding is in Philadelphia, but we still plan on driving home that night.    In preparation, I even went and got a manicure and pedicure this week... it was very much needed!

Happy 30 Weeks Noah!

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