The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - 29 Weeks

Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Noah - 29 Weeks

Weight:  21 1/2 lbs

Health:  Still teething.  Do you see that determination to chew on that block!       

Sleep:  Sleep has been rough lately.  Noah was doing okay last weekend, only waking up once in the middle of the night, but it got bad starting Monday night.  He was going to bed between 8 and 9 and then waking up 3 times before getting up for good around 6 am.  I was exhausted!  Thankfully he always gets a good 2 hour nap in the morning.  However this week he seemed to be boycotting his afternoon naps.  I don't mind that if he's happy, but he was getting cranky but would not go to sleep.  We were in the car Wednesday afternoon, and those 30 minute trips were the only time he slept!

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 12 months (in Carters).

Social:  On Wednesday, we drove to Grammy's house and he got to see his Great Gram who was visiting for the day.   

Here he is looking at his Great Gram :)

His Grammy had a balloon from her birthday, so Noah of course wanted to hold it.  Then he loved resting on his burp cloth like it was a pillow... it was so cute!

Diet:  Noah is doing great with eating.  He now likes the fruit or vegetable mixed in with the oatmeal and rice cereal.  He's also starting to eat the Plum Organic Blends.  So far he's had Mango Pear, Mango Peach, Sweet Potato Apple, and he even tried Peach Apricot Banana (Apricot was for the first time).

We are super classy over here... breakfast with just a diaper and a bib on!


He also gets to play with his toys in the high chair while I make his food and while I'm cleaning up.  He can thank Grandma for that :)

Baby Gear Love:  I struggle giving Noah a bath in the big tub by myself but I did upgrade him to a bigger baby tub.  This was the tub we originally got when we was born, but it was too big then.  Now it's the perfect size.  While I clean him he lounges like this, and then when it's time to play I can switch him to the other side where he can sit up.  He seems to enjoy it so far.  

Daddy Time:   Unfortunately, Chris has been getting home late a lot this week.  Monday he was at a golf outing with work, and he worked late the rest of the week.  As a result he didn't really get to hang out with Noah because he was already asleep by the time Chris got home.  Thankfully, they had a lot of fun together last weekend.  Chris let me sleep in a little (til 8:30) and they had some one on one time.  They also had fun practicing to stand and sit.

Noah is "talking" while standing.  Maybe he's saying that he's having fun :)

They also had some fun reading together on Sunday night.  

Milestones:   Noah is now able to sit and play with his toys!  I feel like this milestone really makes me view him as a little boy rather than my little baby!

He is also able to bounce himself in his jumperoo.  Before he would just stand there and I'd have to bounce him up and down by holding his legs.  Not only can he bounce himself, but it seems like he understands the word "bounce".  Check out this video where I ask him to bounce and he does it on cue! 

Noah is becoming very mobile now.  He is rolling over constantly and can scoot around to get his toys and reach for things he wants.  I used to be able to put him on the ground with his play mat or floor piano to take a shower, but that won't be happening anymore.  I'm worried he will roll right into a table or the corner of a wall.  I guess I'll have to shower when he naps or put him in his crib to play.  

Not a "real" milestone, but Noah wore shorts for the first time!  It was over 80 degrees on Tuesday, so when we went out for a walk and lunch, I put him in some shorts.  I love those chubby legs!

Likes:   He still loves to chew on everything.  Both of his bottom teeth are now through.  I wonder if the top ones will come soon considering how much he chews on things.  

Noah loves his bath!

Mommy:  I figured I'd rename this since I kind of feel like I'm past the typical "postpartum" stage.  But sometimes there are fun things going in my life, so I'll call it "Mommy".  I signed up for another photography class which I'm excited about.  I also signed up for some Accounting CPE (continuing education) classes.  I got my CPA license back in 2010 and in order to keep it I have to take 40 credits each year.  My mom is gonna watch Noah while I go take a few day classes.  Even though I'm not working or using my CPA license at the moment, I think it's important to stay active for if/when I go back to work in accounting.

Happy 29 Weeks Noah!

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  1. So sweet! I love the block eating pictures. My boys both looooved their jumperoo. I am sure they will both try to climb back in when we get it back out for #3


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