The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - 28 Weeks

Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Noah - 28 Weeks

Weight:  21.2 lbs according to my bathroom scale.

Health:  Oh man has the teething hit full force around here!  This past weekend was the worst of it, with rough nights and uncomfortable days.  He chews on anything he can get his hands gums on (including his high chair tray and bath tub!).  I can see and feel the bottom tooth that is breaking through and it is sharp!  The second bottom tooth just started to show yesterday!    

Sleep:  Sleep has definitely been affected by the teething.  The weekend was the worst.  He'd go to bed around 9, wake up by midnight, and another 2 times before getting up for good between 5:30 and 6!  Thankfully that only lasted 2 nights, and we are back to waking up once each night.

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 9 months.  I think he'll be in 6-12 through the summer :)

Social:  We have been really low key this week.  Not much planned and I have to say it's been kind of nice.  We've been able to stick to a schedule and really just relax.   

Diet:  I feel like every category has been affected by Noah's teething.  This past weekend he would not eat solid food!  Usually this kid LOVES to eat, but he would only drink his bottle.  We would put him in his high chair and he would immediately lean down to bite on the tray.  He wouldn't even open his mouth to taste the food!  I wasn't too concerned since I read that's pretty normal with teething and he was getting enough nutrients with the formula.  Monday came and he was back to eating 3 meals a day, so that's a relief!     

Baby Gear Love:  Not much new on this front, though we did just put on this bath spout cover now that Noah takes some baths in the big tub.  Even though Chris keeps a hold on him, I am paranoid he may wiggle loose and hit his head on the spout.  Thank goodness we bought this a while ago!

Daddy Time:   

Apparently this is how Noah likes to watch TV now at night with Daddy :)

Noah had his first bath in the big tub!  Chris got in his bathing suit and joined him in the tub since Noah isn't really ready to sit all on his own.  Both Noah and Chris enjoyed it so much that we decided to make it part of our routine.

Milestones:   His first big boy bath!  I know it's just a coincidence, but I'm gonna assume Noah is a genius.  On Monday night when he had another bath in the big tub, he said "Ba" for the first time!  Of course he was saying bath... right!?!

He's also getting better at sitting every day.  Now he can sit without falling over, he just keeps leaning forward more and more the longer he sits there.  

Yesterday Noah did a complete roll for the first time.  He was on his back on the mat, then rolled onto his stomach and kept going onto his back again and off the mat!  It looks like he is hanging onto the mat for dear life, but he really was having fun.  It wasn't even a fluke, cause he did it again about 5 minutes later!

And of course we can't forget about those teeth of his!  It's not the best picture (since he won't sit still or keep his hands out of his mouth for very long) but you can kind of see the left one is already out and the right one is about to poke through!

Likes:  Anything he can chew on... including my bottle of root beer!

We also learned on Mother's Day that Noah likes balloons!  He was fascinated by the balloon and loved holding the string and touching the balloon itself!

Noah likes baths.  Whether it's in his baby tub (which he's starting to grow out of) or the big tub, he just enjoys being in the water kicking and playing with his toys.  

Postpartum:   I had an amazing Mother's Day Weekend and felt completely spoiled.  I also am loving my photography class and kind of bummed it will be over in another week.  Up until now I've always just taken pictures of Noah.  Since you can't really direct a baby, I've learned to just try to capture whatever he does.  But since our assignment was to photograph a group this week, I had to think about directing adults how to pose.  I definitely need to work on that and bring out my bossy side (we all know I have one!).

Happy 28 Weeks Noah!

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