The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - 27 Weeks

Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Noah - 27 Weeks

Weight:  About 20 1/2 lbs.   I absolutely love all of Noah's chubby rolls... I could literally eat him up!

Health:  We officially have a tooth starting to come through.  He's been teething for a while, but on Monday, we officially felt a tooth starting to poke through.  

Sleep:  Sleeping has been hit or miss this past week.  A few nights he only woke up once in the middle of the night, and other nights it was multiple times.  I now don't have any expectations when I go to sleep.

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 9 months.

Social:  Last Friday, Noah and I went for a walk all by ourselves.  Usually we always go on walks with either Chris or Grandma, but the weather was so nice and I couldn't just stay inside.  We took our time walking around town and stopping for a few breaks.  

We had also had an amazing weekend spent outdoors as described here.  Unfortunately the good weather didn't last, and we've been stuck inside the rest of the week.  

Diet:  Noah is still loving food.  We didn't try anything new this week, but I did let him have more control by giving him his spoon.  He actually tried to feed himself which was kind of messy.     

Baby Gear Love:  Chris and I have loved all the OXO stuff we've purchased for Noah, so when there was an OXO sale at his office, he decided to stock up on a lot!  He got this four piece set that's usually $20 for only $6!

Daddy Time:   I think Chris has always thought that putting your kid on your shoulders is one of those milestones for a dad.  Weeks ago he asked me when I thought Noah would be ready for it, and I said not yet.  This past week we decided to try it out (while Chris was sitting on the floor).  We've decided Noah still isn't ready, but it was super cute... especially when Noah started drooling in Chris' hair!

Milestones:   In addition to a tooth coming in, Noah is getting better at sitting on his own every single day.  His record is for a whole minute by himself.  Next is just working on that posture, since right now he sits like a tripod :)

Likes:  Noah loves to play with his feet.  He's absolutely fascinated by them.  

Noah has found a new love for some of his toys because now he likes to kick at them as well!

Postpartum:   I've been taking a photography class online focusing on portraits.  I even got a reflector to help with my lighting.  As a result I think you'll see more close up "portraits" of Noah in the next few weeks.

Happy 27 Weeks Noah!

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