The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - 26 Weeks

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Noah - 26 Weeks

Weight:  About 20 1/2 lbs.  

Health:  This little boy is healthy and happy!

Sleep:  Let's just say that Noah is no longer my super sleeping baby.   This past week he's been getting up a few times each night.  Usually around 2:30 and again at 5:30.  Then there are some nights that he fusses around 10 pm when Chris is still up.  I really hope this is a phase and we can get back to either sleeping through the night or just one nightly wake up.  I know this isn't that odd, I guess I was just getting used to sleeping through the night.  But if we can learn anything with babies... as soon as you get used to something, it will change!

Maybe it's because we are going out more during the day, but his naps are thrown off.  I used to be able to rely on a 2 hour nap in the morning and another in the afternoon.  This week there were days where I was lucky to get him to sleep for half an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon.  He does however fall asleep in his stroller when we are out.  

Here he is sleeping in Target on Sunday

And he took a nice nap outside during our walk on Tuesday

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 9 months.

Social:  We had a busy Saturday, which you can read about here.  Chris and I rand some errands with Noah on Sunday.  We went to Target and Babies R Us, and while we were there got some more baby food (including some Stage 2!).

On Tuesday, Grandma came over and we went to lunch at the Creamery.  Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided to take a walk up and down South Street with Noah.  He fell asleep so we decided to sit on a bench and enjoy the warm weather while he slept.

On Wednesday, Noah and I went to our first Morristown Moms Event.  It was their Spring Picnic which was held at a local park.  Noah had fun swinging on the swings and I enjoyed meeting some other stay at home moms with babies around Noah's age.  

I wish I had taken a picture of him on the swings!  This was right as we were about to leave and he was getting pretty sleepy.  

On Thursday, we had lunch outside with Grandma... seriously loving this weather!

Diet:  Noah loves to eat!  We are now doing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and occasionally an afternoon snack of some yogurt blends.  We have also introduced the sippy cup, though right now he just plays with it and doesn't get any water out of it.  

Baby Gear Love:  On Saturday, we brought the swing back to my parents' house to store, and brought over the Jumperoo to take it's place (we live in a small apartment so not a lot of room for multiple large toys).  I put him in it every day, and each day he gets more comfortable in it and bounces a little more.  He lights up with a big smile when I take his legs and bounce him up and down.  

As I mentioned above, we introduced the sippy cup.  I read some reviews and it seems like people like the Playtex ones.  I tried it and while you do have to suck a little it doesn't seem too hard to get the water out.  I don't like the plastic taste, but then again I don't like drinking water out of reusable bottles for adults either for the same reason.  

Daddy Time:   This week Noah was going to bed earlier than usual, since he was skipping his afternoon naps a lot.  Chris would get to play with him for about an hour when he got home, but he definitely wishes there were more hours in the day!  I love how excited Chris is to see Noah when he gets home and how all he wants to do is play with him!  Here's a video of the two of them playing in the Jumperoo.


Milestones:   Noah has been rolling from his stomach to his back for weeks now.  Here's some action shots of him in the process of rolling.  Isn't that face the funniest thing you've ever seen!  I hope he doesn't hate me when he's older!

But the big news this week was that he rolled from his back to his stomach on Wednesday morning.  He was playing on his mat while I was eating a peanut bar at the kitchen counter, when all of a sudden I see him roll over!   I immediately start yelling, "You did it!" and grabbed my camera to take a picture to send to Chris.  I then put him back on his back and waited to see if he'd do it again, this time with the video camera on.  He was close, but didn't do it again.  I really think it's cause he knew I was recording it this time!

Likes:  Noah likes to chew on EVERYTHING!  I think I've seen a little bit of white in his bottom gums, so maybe teeth will be here soon.  

Postpartum:   As I mentioned above, we went to an event put on by the Morristown Moms group.  I am planning to join so that I can meet other stay at home moms in the area with kids Noah's age.  At the picnic there were around 5 moms with babies born in 2012, so it definitely seems like an organization that would be fun for both of us.  Most of my friends work or don't have kids yet, so it will be nice to meet some women who I could meet up with during the week and have things in common with (i.e. babies).  

Happy 26 Weeks Noah!

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