The Adventure Starts Here: A perfect weekend enjoying this glorious weather!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A perfect weekend enjoying this glorious weather!

On Saturday, Chris and I decided to take advantage of this amazing weather and go for a walk around Morristown with Noah.  Chris had to go to the bank, so we walked up to the Green and I took some pictures while he cashed his check.  

Then we headed onto South Street.  I love the mix of old churches, small shops, and tons of restaurants.  Morristown really does have a lot of history and I'm tempted to take a tour of our little town one day.  

Combining two of Chris' loves... flags and lifting Noah high above his head :)

We then made the loop back to our apartment.  It was nice to walk back in the shade.   

Saturday evening we went out to dinner at Outback with my parents and my brother Luke.  It was kind of like an early Mother's Day celebration with my mom.  When out in restaurants we have a hard time getting Noah to look at the camera... he's too busy staring at other tables and getting distracted by the many sounds.  

On Sunday, we went over to Chris' parents house to have another early Mother's Day celebration.

When we first got there, Noah played on the ground and showed off some of his tricks.

Noah giving "High Ten" to Grandpa

Noah then enjoyed his snack of peach yogurt out on the deck.  Complete with Mommy making the open and close faces :)

Grammy even pushed him around the deck in his stroller

It was a really fantastic weekend!

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