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Monday, April 15, 2013

This is what life is all about...

Now that Noah is getting bigger and is a pro at holding his head up, Chris and I are constantly thinking of fun things we can do with him.  Thankfully his new skills are coinciding with better weather, so we decided we really wanted to take him to a park/playground.  Since we live in an apartment complex, we don't have a backyard or anything like that (though we do have a pretty cool pool!).  So Chris does what he always does, and started googling playgrounds nearby.  Shockingly, our town has something like 17 playgrounds in just 4 square miles.  This amazes me even more since I don't think I've ever seen one driving around.  He found an article that listed a few of the nearby playgrounds and we picked one that described it as having toddler swings, and lucky us, it was the closest one to our apartment.  

While the weather was better earlier in the week, Chris asked me (understandably so) to wait until Saturday to go so that he could come too.   It was not as sunny as I thought it would be, but we still had a blast!   Thanks Grandma for the last minute wind breaker!  Chris started by showing Noah around the playground.  

I was even gonna let Chris take Noah down a slide, but those slides were NARROW!  Instead, we just did another fake out for the camera.  

Finally, it was swing time!  Chris and I each took turns pushing Noah, and we figured out the best position for Noah to sit in so he wouldn't get whip lash :)   I can't wait until he is giggling and asking to go higher and higher, but for our first swing session, this was pretty much perfect.  

Noah must have had a fun time, because he fell asleep on the car ride home.  It's amazing what some fun and fresh air will do to a baby :) 

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  1. My boys always sat like that in the swing when they were little too. Don't wish too hard for the request phase...I avoid parks with swings now because all they want me to do is push- parks are supposed to be breaks for momma! ;)


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