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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Things

Now that I'm a stay-at-home mom to Noah, my days are filled with a lot of random things.  A typical morning involves breakfast, a bath, laundry, and a nap (sometimes for both of us).  The afternoons are usually different.  Some days we go out for lunch, or do some shopping with Grandma, and when the weather is nice we go for walks.  But when we stay in, our afternoons involve a lot of playing, another nap, more laundry, some chores, and getting dinner ready.

During Noah's naps, I often watch TV.  I record almost everything since I try to go to bed early (I never know if Noah will sleep through the night or wake up a few times during the night).  Recently I recorded Mr Selfridge.  I heard about it from my dad and Chris that Jeremy Piven was gonna be in a new show on PBS Masterpiece Classic.  Since I loved Downton Abbey so much, but got into it super late, I figured I'd give this a try right from the beginning.  The first episode was 2 hours long, and like most premieres of shows, there was a lot of "setting the scene".  I definitely think it will be a fun and interesting show to watch.

Let's talk about laundry... I feel like that's all I do some days!  We go through a ton of burp cloths, I have his sheets and towels to wash daily, and some days Noah goes through a lot of clothes!  And there are days when I end up changing my shirt quite a few times too!  It seems like there are certain days when Noah spits up constantly and knows how to avoid that burp cloth, getting it all over me and him!    Thankfully, Noah has lots of clothes (thanks Grandma!) and I just picked up a bunch of t-shirts on sale at Loft!

I really do prefer the afternoons when Noah and I go out.  They go by so quickly and I really think Noah has more fun.  With the amazing weather last week I got to see what life is gonna be like once good weather is the norm!  I can't wait to go for long walks, afternoons at the playground, sitting in the grass, and in a few months spending mornings at the pool.

Chris and I have made an effort to cook more and eat out less.  Every weekend we sit down and plan our meals for the week.  We always make sure to plan for a few simple meals that are really quick and easy to make.  That's where Bertoli Frozen Meals for 2 comes in.  They are the simplest thing to make for dinner since everything is in a bag and you just "heat" it up in the skillet.  I also love that it's automatic portion control.  It makes me realize that I eat way too much pasta when left to my own.

And through all this I love to take pictures to remember the little things.  I make annual albums using Becky Higgins Digital Project Life.  I love the simplicity of it and love all the new kits they are releasing this year!

I have always had an interest in taking pictures, but now that I'm taking this photography class I'm excited to take better pictures.   I look for different angles and get down on the floor to get better shots of Noah.  I think about the lighting and think about what I want the photo to express before taking the picture.  With my new love for photography comes a long wish list of camera "accessories".  Next on the list is the Tamron 28-75 mm 2.8 lens for my Nikon, if anyone cares :)

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