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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wheel of Fortune

On Tuesday, Chris and I got to go to a taping of Wheel of Fortune!  A few months ago, one of our friends said she could get us tickets for when they would be taping in NYC.  She works for Eggland's Best, and since they sponsor the show a lot, she was getting some VIP tickets.  We were so excited to go since we watch the show a lot, and I'm pretty darn good at guessing the puzzles (if I do say so myself).  I asked my mom if she would watch Noah, and of course she said yes.  So on Tuesday afternoon, I took the train in and met Chris in Penn Station when he got out of work.  We had a super classy dinner at Pizza Hut and then went to the Theater at Madison Square Garden.  

Because we were VIP, we had a separate entrance to go to and got to skip the huge line :)  They tape 5 shows each day, and taped 4 days in NYC (so a whole month's worth of shows).  The day session is 3 shows and the night is another 2 shows.  We got tickets for the night taping, which started at 7:15.  We got there early and could hear the afternoon taping finishing up.  Once the afternoon taping was over, we were escorted to our special seats (they were taped off and everything).  We were in the third row center... couldn't really ask for better seats if you ask me!

I love going to see how shows are filmed... so far we've seen Melissa and Joey (on ABC Family) when we were in LA, and we've gone to the dress rehearsal of SNL.  I'd love to go to Kelly and Michael and I also think Jimmy Fallon would be a lot of fun!  Anyway, back to Wheel of Fortune... just like the others, this was a really fun show to be at.  It is taped as if it was live (with breaks for commercials and not doing multiple "takes").  If/when there is a problem that occurs in the middle of the puzzle, they make the contestants turn around so that they don't have extra time to figure out the puzzle, I found this pretty interesting.  During the second show, after the Final Spin, one of the contestants guessed the right answer, but right as the buzzer went off.  They weren't sure if he made it in time, and Pat had to stop and have it looked into by the people watching the monitors.  In the end he didn't answer in enough time, so they threw that puzzle out and put a new puzzle up.  Watching the show at home, you will never know it even happened.

Pat and Vanna were so nice.  Pat even came into the audience, and my husband and our friend got to shake his hand.  I was sitting in the third seat in and couldn't reach over in time to shake his hand as well... oh well.  Vanna also took some time answering some questions from the audience... they seemed very cool.  

It was a very cool experience and I would definitely suggest requesting tickets online if Wheel of Fortune ever comes to your area!  Next time I totally want to apply to be on the show!

The shows we saw will air May 23rd and 24th.  They are the last shows of the 30th Season!

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