The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 19

Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 19

Weight:  18 lbs!    

Health Noah is healthy, but I think he's starting to teethe since he's constantly either chewing on his hands or on his teethers.    

Sleep:   Noah is the best sleeper ever!  On Friday, we put Noah in his crib to sleep at night, and he made it through the entire night on the first try.  Ever since, he's been sleeping in his crib.  Usually he goes down between 8 and 9 pm and wakes between 5:30 and 6:30 am... it's been great!      I am so happy to have the video monitor so that anytime I wake up in the middle of the night and worry about him I can see that he's alright! 

Clothes: He's wearing size 6-12 in Gap and Old Navy and 9 months in Carter's and Ralph Lauren.  

Social On Saturday, we took Noah to the Morristown St. Patty's Day Parade.  The weather was gorgeous, so we walked up to South Street (only 5-10 minutes away) and got a good spot.  We didn't last the whole time, but we had fun while we were there.   

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon with some of Chris' friends, Kelly, Allan, and their daughter Madeline, and Aimee & Mark.  Kelly & Allan got him this adorable Mets hat!  He looks so grown up in a baseball cap.  Isn't it funny that I just happened to wear Mets colors that day!  

Diet:  We continued with the cereal this week... he definitely prefers the oatmeal.  Chris fed Noah on Saturday... it was the first day that he got to see Noah eat!  On Monday, I started feeding him oatmeal twice a day, and we have increased each feeding to 3 tbsp.    

Baby Gear Love:   The diaper bag I bought has two straps that was supposed to be able to hook onto a stroller (at least that's how it was advertised).  Yet, my stroller doesn't have anything on it for my bag to hook onto using those straps.  When at the mall, I saw a mom with this hook, so I went home that day and ordered one.  Now it's so much easier for me to go out with Noah all on my own!

Noah has really started to love his Activity Mat.  He loves grabbing the monkey and the lion and this week I started putting him on his stomach more.  I really think he will roll over any day now!

Crying:  Noah really only cries when he's hungry and tired... not bad if you ask me!          

Milestones:  Sleeping in his own crib, and lasting the whole night!  This is a huge deal to me!  

Likes:   Noah loves to kick his feet.  This past weekend he has started to lift both feet in the air and just stair at them.  It was cracking me up!  If I did this it would be such an ab workout!  

Postpartum:   Now that I want to lose some weight, I am trying to get as much activity in each day that I can.  I used to just have Chris get the mail on his way in from the train each night, but now I take Noah to get it.  We have also started taking the long way down to get some extra steps in.  I think Noah likes our little "excursion" each day.   

This week I also started an online photography class through  My parents gave Chris and I a Nikon D5100 Christmas 2011, and while I use it all the time, I really want to get better at it and start shooting on Manual.  A friend recommended the class, and I'm really excited for it!

    Happy 19 Weeks Noah!

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