The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 14

Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 14

Weight:  About 15 and a half pounds.  

Health Noah hasn't been feeling well this week.  On Tuesday night he slept for almost 12 hours, then fell back to sleep right after eating Wednesday morning and slept for another 3 hours.  He had sounded really congested and kind of warm, so I called the doctor.  They were able to see Noah that afternoon, and thankfully it's just a cold.  The doctor told me to just run the humidifier and let him sleep all he wants.  As a result he's been sleeping a lot and pretty fussy when he's awake.  I really hope he gets better soon!

Sleep:   Noah's been sleeping great.  He's been sleeping between 10-12 hours each night.  Wednesday night he did wake up at 4:30, but I think that's because he's congested.   

Clothes: We've started getting him some 6-12 size clothes.  The size 3-6 still fit, but the 6-12 look super comfy on him.  

Social Noah met my high school friend, Kristen.  It was so nice for her to finally be able to come meet him.  

On Saturday, our friends Elena and Brian came to meet Noah.      

Saturday night we took Noah to my parents' house for a little party.  My parents threw a Farewell party for some family friends of ours who are moving.  

On Sunday, Grammy and Grandpa came over for a visit.  


Diet: All formula.    

Baby Gear Love:  I really love our video monitor!  He's still sleeping with us at night, but I love using it during nap times.  

We also took out his baby carrier again this week.  We used it to go downstairs to let Grammy and Grandpa in... Chris even let Noah press the button for the elevator!

Crying:  Noah's been pretty fussy as a result of his cold.      

Likes:   Noah likes to read books now.  We really should do it more often!

This is such a "Chris Face"

Milestones:  Noah had his first cold.  Noah also watched his first Super Bowl!

Happy 14 Weeks Noah!

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