The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 9

Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 9

Weight:  Probably weighs 13 lbs by now.     

Health:   Noah has been congested this past week and has been having a cough.  I feel bad cause he's spitting up more as a result of the pleghmy sounding cough.  The doctor told us to just run a humidifier, so we've had it on around the clock in hopes that it will help.  

One of our FAVORITE pictures... there are so many possibilities of what he could be thinking!

Sleep:   Noah has been consistently sleeping 3 hour stretches at night, but we are making an effort to have him sleep in our room, so this week he's been sleeping closer to 2 hour stretches as a result.  This coming week Chris will be home on "paternity leave" so we will make a real effort to get him used to it.      

Clothes: Noah is completely in size 3-6 clothes now!

SocialWe celebrated Chris' birthday last weekend.  Friday we went to my parents' house, Saturday we went to the Flinn's house, and Sunday we celebrated just the three of us.  

On New Year's Eve, my college friend, Sharon stopped by to meet Noah, and on New Year's Day, my friend Marlaina came by for a visit.  

Noah and I took another trip to my parents' house on Thursday and hung out with Uncle Luke and Tyler one more time before they fly home.    

Diet: Still pumping and supplementing with formula.  Thankfully this week my supply went back up and has stabilized again.  I'd love it to increase more, but at least it's not decreasing anymore.

Baby Gear Love:  Nothing too much this week, but we did get to try out Noah's Ugg Booties!  Thanks Grandma!

Crying:   He was crying more because of his 2 month shots, but other than that he is still such a happy baby :)   

Likes:  It seems like overnight Noah started liking to sit on his own and just look around.  Before when we'd put him down in his nap nanny or swing he would cry soon after.  However, now he will happily sit there and kick his legs.  It makes it so much easier for me to pump when I'm on my own with him.

Noah loves music, so Grandpa recorded some Bubble Guppies for him to watch :)

He still loves his bath and playing with his toys.

Noah loves hanging out with Daddy and watching football games with him.

Milestones: Noah has become so much more interactive this past week.

He is smiling and giggling at everyone!  I love trying to make him smile :)

He's babbling more as well... I love our conversations!

Postpartum:  I officially resigned from my job and I am now a full time stay at home mommy!  I'm so excited that I will be able to stay at home and watch my son grow each day.

Happy New Year!

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