The Adventure Starts Here: Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Noah spent his First Christmas Day at Grammy and Grandpa's (Chris' parents) house.  We headed over to their house at noon, exchanged gifts with Grammy, Grandpa, and Uncle Justin, and then had a nice lunch. 

We got Chris' parents a huge canvas of Noah as well.  

We also made them a photo album of Noah's first month of life as well as the annual Shutterfly Calendar :)

Noah gave his Uncle Justin a framed picture of when they first met at the hospital.  

Justin definitely spoiled his favorite (and only) nephew this year!

Noah is officially a stock owner!  Uncle Justin bought him stock in Walt Disney and had it framed... how cool is that!?!

Justin also got Noah a TV with built in DVD player for his room!  

We had a fabulous Christmas with the Flinns and I'm so glad we were able to get an updated family photo by the tree!

 The Flinn Family 2012

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