The Adventure Starts Here: Happy 1 Month Noah!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy 1 Month Noah!

Today, December 2nd, you are officially 1 month old.  Sometimes I find it hard to believe that if you made it to your due date that we would have only known you for a little over a week right now.  I can't imagine our life without you and feel like we've known you forever.

You are such a happy and calm baby.  It has been a joy to be your mother and take care of your every need.  While there are times your dad and I are completely exhausted, we are happy to figure out what is bothering you.  I absolutely treasure our one on one time at night when I feed you and rock you back to sleep.  Even though I should put you in your nap nanny more to sleep, I really love how it feels to have you fall asleep on my chest... it really is priceless!

Looking back at your first week in the hospital and comparing it to how you are now is shocking.  You were only 6 lbs 13 oz at birth, but you were already down to 6 lbs 4 oz when we left the hospital.  You were in all newborn clothes, but now your 0-3 month clothes fit you perfectly and you probably weigh close to 8 lbs.  You are such a champ at eating and turning that milk/formula into baby Noah.  I remember how in the hospital we were so pleased when you'd drink 15 mL of formula.  Now you are drinking 3 oz of milk and formula and sometimes even drink 4 oz!   4 weeks has also shown a dramatic change in how much breast milk I've been able to pump for you to enjoy.  The first week home I was ecstatic to get 10-15 mL each pumping session.  Now most mornings I can pump 5 oz in a sitting... I'm so happy I'm able to increase my supply as your appetite increases.

While you are not on any kind of schedule and we feed you on demand, a typical day looks like the following:
Daddy leaves for work by 6:30 am and you are still sleeping.  Grandma arrives at 7:45 am with breakfast and holds you while I pump.  Grandma then takes care of you and lets me nap for a few hours.  During the day you usually eat every 2 hours and I try to pump every 2 hours as well.   Lately you've been having more awake time around 3 pm.  Grandma leaves between 3 and 4 pm though we are trying to work it so that she can start leaving by 2.   Daddy gets home at 6:30 pm most nights and we eat dinner.  Daddy then can't wait to get a hold of you and have some quality time.  We watch Jeopardy together and then every other night we give you a bath.  I try to pump around 8pm and then go sleep while you and Daddy have some one on one time and watch TV.   I get up at midnight, pump, and then let Daddy go sleep until 6 am.  I doze on the couch while you sleep in the nap nanny.  Lately you've been sleeping for 2.5 hour stretches and wake up just to eat and have a diaper change.   It may seem a little unconventional, but it works for us.  I figure that once you start sleeping for longer stretches we may try to have you sleep in our room with us so we can both sleep at the same time.

Before you were born I was anti-pacifier and was sure we wouldn't use them.  However, I've found that it really does soothe you after a feeding to use one for a few minutes to get to sleep.  I don't plan on letting you use one constantly, but right now it's not an issue.  After a few minutes you spit it out on your own.  

I'm still knocking on wood that you will keep your calm demeanor.  You rarely cry unless you are really hungry, have bad gas, or if you are cold and naked (diaper changes and bath time).  Even diaper changes and bath time have gotten so much better this past week.


You love snuggling and cuddling with me, your daddy, and your grandma.  We love holding you so much every day that no one wants to put you down if they don't have to.


We've found that you really like it when people sing to you.  Your daddy learned that humming the Mario Brothers theme song calms you during diaper changes.  I have started singing Christmas songs during your night feedings and it seems you really like it... especially Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  

Some of our first month must haves include the following:

Nap Nanny.  As of right now it's the only place you will sleep for long stretches other than on our chests.   

Medela Pump.  Since we struggled with breast feeding, this is the only way that you are getting my breast milk.  

Fisher Price Whale of a Tub.  We love how the bath tub has a division so that you can sit in your tub without sliding all over the place.  You've actually grown to somewhat enjoy bath time.

Boon Grass Drying Rack.  Since we have tons of bottles and pumping parts, we are constantly doing dishes.  

Mustela Bath Essentials.  We just started using them, but we LOVE the smell of you and your hair after your bath now.  I also love the ease of using the wipes on your face on the days we don't give you a bath or when you need a quick clean up after spitting up.  

Paper Coterie Notebook.  It seems so simple, but I love these notebooks that you can personalize with pictures.  I use it to write down each time we feed Noah as well as every time I pump.  I love looking back and seeing how much he ate each day and how much more I'm able to pump each day.  

Fenugreek.  I have no proof that it works, but I have found that my breast milk supply has increased since I started taking it.  

I am torn every day because while I am so excited to see what kind of person you are going to grow up to be, I am worried this amazing time will go by way too fast!  I am so happy that I get to spend each and every day with you getting to know your sweet personality.  Your daddy and I love you so much!

Happy One Month!  

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