The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 6

Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Noah - Week 6

Weight:  I would have to guess close to 11 pounds... he's getting to be a pretty big kid.   

Health:   Noah's doing great!  His eye is looking so much better now which is a relief.  He had a couple of days where I think he was a little constipated.  

Sleep:   This week Noah started sleeping more at night!  One night he slept 4 hours straight... huge accomplishment for us!  Normally though he wakes up around midnight, 3 am, and again at 6 am to eat.  

Clothes: Size 0-3 clothes and he's in Size 1 Diapers now!

Social: Grammy and Grandpa Flinn came to visit on Sunday.  


Grandma still comes over every day to help me out and let me nap :)

Diet: Breastmilk and formula still.  I got a recipe from a friend for oatmeal cookies that have brewer's yeast in them that should help increase my breast milk supply... I hope it works!

Baby Gear Love:  Noah loves his swing which means we love the swing.  It has been letting us eat dinner together while he happily swings back and forth.

Noah has also been liking his bouncy chair more this week now that he fits in it better.  

Crying:   This week hasn't been bad with full out crying other than when he's hungry.  But he has been fussier than usual at times because he seems constipated.  I feel so bad for him when you can tell he needs to work something out.  

Likes:  Now that Noah is more alert during the day, we have been trying to play with him more.  My mom brought over the caterpillar rattle and the stuffed elephant and I took Sophie off the shelf.  He only remains interested for about 5-10 minutes, but we are taking baby steps :)

We also try to read to him every day, and so far he seems to like it.  

Milestones: For the first time this week he slept for 4 hours straight... it was a great night!

Noah had his first "babysitter" on Thursday when Chris and I had to go out for a few hours (see postpartum)!  While grandma has watched him while I nap almost every day, she has never watched him without me in the apartment.  They both did great!

Postpartum:  Chris and I had our first "date" since Noah was born... and a very expensive date at that. We had to go buy a new couch on Thursday since our current couch has seen better days.  It seems that we have a lemon of a couch and unless we want chiropractor bills for me, Chris, and my mom, we figured we needed to replace the couch sooner than later.   Merry Christmas to Chris and me!

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