The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 3

Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby Noah - Week 3

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend as much as we are.  We are very excited to have Chris home with us for 4 days in a row!  I love seeing Chris spending quality time with Noah. 

Weight:  Since we didn't have a doctor's appointment this week I can only guess that he's about 7 1/2 pounds by now.  

Medical Issues:  Noah has been having some gunk in his left eye.  We had asked the doctor about it when we were in the hospital and they said it was fine.  I hope it's not a blocked tear duct.  

Sleep: Noah is having more awake times during the day which is great.  

At night he sleeps great in his nap nanny, but still only for 2-3 hour stretches (closer to 2 hours most of the time).  At least he just wakes up, eats, and goes right back to sleep.    During the day we have been trying to put him in his bassinet more so he gets used to sleeping in there as well.  

Clothes: Noah went up to size 0-3 in Ralph Lauren, but wears newborn in everything else still.


Visitors: Noah finally met his Uncle Luke this week.  Luke came home for Thanksgiving, so he was able to come see Noah on Wednesday and Thanksgiving Thursday.  

On Thanksgiving morning his Uncle Justin stopped by.  Noah was so good the whole time and let Justin hold him a lot and even let him give him a bottle.  

Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Luke came over Thanksgiving afternoon and brought us some yummy turkey :)

On Friday a family friend came over to take Noah's newborn photos.  

Diet: I am now able to pump a little more than half of what Noah consumes each day.  Any suggestions on how to increase my breast milk even more?  

Baby Gear Love: We used his tummy time mat for the first time this week.  Previously we just used a blanket, but we thought he might like lying on his back as well and looking up at all the animals... he seems to enjoy it so far.

We also really like his whale of a tub newborn bath tub.  It's the perfect size for him, and though he still doesn't love bath time, it sure does make it easier.

Crying: As we expected Noah didn't like his real bath either.  When we first put him in he seemed okay, but shortly after he started crying a lot!  Thankfully we were able to get him in and out pretty quickly.

Noah isn't crying as much during diaper changes.  I had suggested that Chris sing songs to Noah to calm him down one night, so he decided to try it while changing his diaper.  He started humming the Super Mario Bros song and it immediately calmed him down!  We now both use this trick every time we change his diaper :)  

Likes: Noah loves snuggling and we love snuggling with him... so it works out great!

Milestones: Noah had his first real bath... and as expected he wasn't a fan.

Noah celebrated his first Thanksgiving!

Noah's neck is getting so strong and constantly lifts it when we are trying to burp him.

Postpartum: I'm doing well, but I definitely notice that I get tired easily if I walk too much.  Those are the days I just need to take more Motrin.

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