The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah - Week 2

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Noah - Week 2

I know I will probably say this every week, but I can't believe how quickly the week went and that he is already 2 weeks old!  I definitely feel like I'm starting to get the hang of all this a little more this week and I'm getting used to less sleep.  

Weight:  Noah had his 2 week doctor's appointment today.    We were thrilled to learn that he gained almost a whole pound since his last visit and now weighs 7 lbs 3 oz!!!  I guess whatever we are doing is working cause he's gaining weight like a champ.  He also grew an inch and is now 21 inches long!

Medical Issues: On Monday I had a lactation specialist come to the house to help me and Noah.  Noah had been struggling latching and now that my milk had fully come in I wanted some help to see if we'd be able to breast feed exclusively.  She said that naturally he would have a harder time since he was born early, but she also said she thought he was tongue tied.  This makes it hard for him to latch and breast feed correctly.  So I mentioned it at his 2 week appointment to see if it's serious enough to have a procedure done to correct it or if it should just be left alone.   She said it seemed minor and it was up to us as to whether we wanted to have it taken care of in order to help with latching.  As of right now Chris and I are gonna let it go and wait to see if it causes any other problems as he gets older.  Breast feeding is honestly not important enough to me to have his tongue snipped.  For now I'll stick with pumping.  

Sleep: Noah still sleeps most of the day, but he is having more awake times.  He seems to sleep for 2-3 hours and then needs to eat.  I don't mind it at all during the day, but it does get tough at night.  We found this week that when he has breast milk he doesn't fully wake up during these times and goes back to sleep a lot more easily compared to when he's drinking formula at these feedings.  This week he's been sleeping either in his nap nanny or in someone's arms.  We figure that once he's sleeping for longer stretches we will put him in the bassinet in our room.  

Clothes: Noah is still wearing all newborn size clothes.  He's long but very skinny, so we might have to move up sizes soon in some of his one pieces so that his legs can fully stretch out.   At night he normally wears "night gowns" or two piece outfits so that Chris has an easier time changing his diaper... he really doesn't like all the buttons on the footed sleepers! 

Visitors: On Sunday, Grammy and Grandpa Flinn came to visit Noah.  My mom still comes over every day, and this Thursday we celebrated her birthday!  Other than that we've been holding off having too many visitors since I was still getting used to a pumping schedule this week and trying to breast feed more.  I hope that we can start having people come over soon and meet the little man!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Diet: Breast feeding is still not going very well, but the lactation consultant gave me some tips to help get more milk with pumping.  As a result we are able to feed him more breast milk and supplement less with formula.  Ideally I'd love to feed him all breast milk, even if it is by a bottle.  

Baby Gear Love: Since I've been pumping every 2-3 hours I've been loving my Medela In Style Pump.  Originally we rented a hospital grade pump cause they said it would be stronger than a regular pump, but we since found I was getting more using my own Medela.

Also a great help with pumping... we love our Boon Grass Drying Rack.  With all the pump parts and the bottles, this is great for drying everything and makes it look a little neater on our kitchen counter.

I also really love our Britax B-Agile Stroller.  We bought it specifically to use with our car seat when we found out that our car seat didn't fit in the Snap and Go Stroller.  It is so easy to expand and collapse which is a huge relief when I'm out on my own!

Crying: I hope it stays this way, cause Noah really doesn't cry very much.  He still doesn't love having his diaper changed, but if I talk to him while doing it I can usually keep him calm.  He also didn't like having a sponge bath, so we had some crying during that as well.  Otherwise he really only cries if he's hungry or has bad gas that he's having trouble getting out.  

Likes: Noah is still in love with his hands... they are constantly in his mouth.  I found out that he also likes music when I went to rock him in his glider one night and played some baby music that I purchased on my Ipod... it calmed him immediately.  He also really likes doing skin to skin :) 

I think he wants to be back in the womb... he contorted himself into this extreme fetal position the other day!

Milestones: Noah had his first sponge bath... he wasn't a huge fan.  This weekend we plan to give him his first real bath... I'm not very optimistic that he will like that any more, but we shall see.

He also watched his first football game (technically he only stayed awake for about 5 minutes of it) with his daddy.

On Wednesday his umbilical cord fell off!  

Noah also did tummy time for the first time without crying!

Postpartum: I went for my first post-op appointment on Tuesday.  My scar is healing well and they took off the last of my bandages.  My right foot is still swollen and they said that it's fine, but that if it's still swollen in 2 weeks I should come back in.  I was also very pleased to find out that I had lost 22 of the 35 lbs that I had gained during pregnancy.  Considering I haven't done anything to try to lose weight, I was very happy.


  1. Your little guy is soooooo cute! Good luck with the feeding issues--that can be really stressful, but you'll figure it out. Good job, mama!

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