The Adventure Starts Here: Baby Noah: Week 1

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby Noah: Week 1

I can't believe Noah is already 1 week old.  Time is flying by, so I decided I had to document Noah's life each week so I don't forget all the details.  I have seen a bunch of people do this on other blogs and knew I had to do it too!

Weight:  Noah weighed 6 lbs 13 oz at birth, and by the time we were discharged 3 days later he was down to 6 lbs 4 oz.  We had his first pediatrician appointment on Thursday when he was 6 days old and he is still at 6 lbs 4 oz.  They say that it's fine, but I really do hope that he is back to his birth weight by his next appointment.  

Medical Issues: Thankfully there haven't been any medical issues.  We were a little concerned he might have some problems with his lungs because he was born at 36 weeks 3 days, but thankfully that was not the case.  

Sleep: Noah sleeps most of the day and night.  However, we have not found a great way to keep him asleep without someone holding him.  During the day someone always wants to hold him, so while we may be kicking ourselves in the foot, as a result we have a hard time to put him down at night and for him to stay soundly asleep.  The first night home we tried the bassinet in our room... that wasn't very successful and neither of us got much sleep cause every noise caused us to stir.  The second night we decided to take shifts with him out in the living room and we tried putting him in his bouncy chair.  It kind of worked but he's still so small so he doesn't really stay sitting straight up in it that it doesn't work for long periods of time.  Finally, the third night we did shifts again but used the nap nanny for him to sleep.  

Clothes: Noah is way tinier than we expected.  Chris and I both were both larger babies and since we didn't expect him to come early, we figured we'd have a baby who weighted at least 8 lbs.  As a result we never bought any newborn sized clothes and instead started with 0-3.  We quickly realized this was not going to work, so thankfully Grandma (my mom) came to the rescue.  She spent the first 2 days we were at home buying a whole new wardrobe in newborn sizing so that Noah is a well dressed boy.  

Visitors: Noah has met both sets of grandparents, his uncle Justin, and a friend of mine in the hospital.  He didn't get to meet his other uncles or aunt (my brothers and sister) because they live far away.  We had a bunch of friends who had planned to come to the hospital to meet this little man, but with Hurricane Sandy, the power outages, and gas shortages a lot of them couldn't make it.    

Diet: Ideally I wanted to breastfeed him exclusively.  However, we have been struggling a lot with him latching.  As a result we have been pumping and supplementing with formula.  I  have reached out to a lactation specialist but have not heard back yet.  I'm trying not to stress about it cause that won't help the situation.  I figure any amount of breastmilk he gets is a good thing.   

Baby Gear Love: We love the nap nanny, it's the only place he will sleep for an extended period of time.  We also love the pottery barn swaddle blankets, they are nice and warm and super soft.  I'm sure as he gets older we will have many more products we love, but right now we just hold him most of the time and stare at him.  

Noah also loves his glider and enjoys eating in his own room

Crying: He really only cries when he gets his diaper changed, but since we've started using a pacifier he's been getting better.   He also wasn't a fan of tummy time.. we will have to keep trying though!

Likes: Noah is in love with his hands... they are in his mouth constantly in order to self soothe I guess.  It's funny to watch how he places his hands by his mouth... sometimes it looks like he's doing some major pondering.  He also loves cuddling and does this a lot with me, his daddy, and his grandma.  

Milestones: The usual milestones... coming home from the hospital, going to his first doctor's appointment, as well as peeing on grandma (as well as through many sleepers), and his first night on the nap nanny are just a few to name.  

 Chris was also home from work because his office was closed almost all week because of the hurricane.  Friday was his first day back and had to leave Noah... he was very sad.  

Postpartum: Since I had a C-Section my postpartum recovery has been a little more difficult but thankfully I've been having a lot of help (my mom comes over every day to help out in some way).  So far it seems like my incision is healing nicely and I'm slowly needing less pain medicine.  It's weird not having my big belly anymore but it's definitely a bit more challenging to dress since the weight is still there and I'm trying to wear comfortable things that don't put pressure on my incision.  I go to the doctor for my first post-op appointment on Tuesday, so I guess I'll find out more then about how I'm healing.  

 Our perfect little family of three!

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