The Adventure Starts Here: Our new car!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our new car!

Chris and I got a new car since we knew our 2 door Civic wasn't going to cut it with our growing family.  We test drove the 2012, but we decided to pre-order a 2013 in the model and color we wanted. Originally they thought it would arrive mid October, but instead it arrived early and we picked it up a little over 2 weeks ago.

Last Monday, since Chris had off from work, we took the time to read the instructions and figured out how to install the base/car seat.  It honestly wasn't as hard as I expected with the Latch System.  

The next step is getting it inspected to make sure we installed it correctly.  Unfortunately this has not been as easy as I suspected.  Chris had to make many calls and leave a lot of messages to the Morristown police station.  He finally got a call back saying they don't do it, but to call the fire station.  Shocking, they say they don't do it and to call the police station!  I decided to call the police station in the town we grew up in and we are waiting for a call back from them to hopefully make an appointment.  Wish us luck!

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