The Adventure Starts Here: Hospital Bag is Packed!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hospital Bag is Packed!

I'm not sure if I'm nesting or if this is just my normal personality.  I've always been a very organized person who makes list after list.  When we travel, I make an itinerary and plan my outfits for each day we are gone and then from there make a packing list.  I also usually pack way ahead of time!  Since I'm like this normally, I'm not surprised at all that I've done a fair bit of research and made lots of lists of what to pack in my hospital bag.  I decided to have 2 bags, one that comes in with us when I go into labor, and another that I will use once we are in the recovery room.  

The "labor" bag includes:
Body lotion (maybe Chris will give me a hand massage to distract me from the pain)
Face lotion
Chapstick (I'm told your lips can get very dry with all the breathing, and I just love Chapstick), Headbands and hair ties (to keep my sweaty hear out of my face)
Heating pad (I'm told it could help with the pain by putting on my back or shoulders)
Flip Flops (to walk around)
Comfy socks (in case I get cold)
Eye Mask (once I get my epidural, if I want to get some sleep in the bright hospital room)
Lollipops (since I won't be able to eat during labor, I've been told lollipops are a good alternative)
Protein bars (for Chris)

They are not packed yet, but I will also be bringing a camera, flip camera (just in case I want some parts of it documented), my iPad, my phone, and of course all the chargers.  

Once we are in the recovery room, Chris will go grab the other bag that has all my stuff for the next 2-4 days (you never know for sure that you won't need a C-section) as well as stuff for Baby Flinn.  

The "recovery" bag includes:
Nursing Nightgowns with matching robes
Nursing Bra
More socks
Minimal Makeup
Boppy Pillow
Nightlight (I'm told this will help with sleeping with all the hospital lights)
Baby Book (so I can get the hand and footprint right in the book)
Nikon Camera (I hope to get some nice shots during our hospital stay)
Going Home Outfit

For Baby Flinn:
Kimono Outfits
Swaddle Blankets
Going Home Outfit

I figure I'll use the diapers and other like things that the hospital provides.  I'm sure there will be many things I won't use at all, as well as things I may wish I had.  Thankfully we live about 5 minutes away from the hospital, so Chris or my mom can always make a quick trip home to get anything I want.  

And of course we will have the car seat waiting in the car so we can head home as a family of 3!!!

Is there anything you think I'm missing???

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