The Adventure Starts Here: SNL 38th Season Premiere

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SNL 38th Season Premiere

Saturday night, Chris and I had the opportunity to go see the dress rehearsal of SNL.  For the last few years Chris has entered the lottery for tickets but he always did it mid August and never had any success.  This year, he did it on August 1st (the first day he was able to).  Friday night, Chris got an email saying he won the lottery and was given 2 tickets for the dress rehearsal the very next day!  Chris did some research on blogs of what the rehearsal was like and he read some really cool things about it.

We drove to the city and got there at 5 and had dinner at Ruby Foo's.  We then walked the 2 blocks over to 30 Rock to pick up our actual tickets.  They told us we had to be there by 6:45 at the latest, and since we always like to be early, we got there at 6:15.  After we were given our tickets we waited in the line until about 7:15 when they brought us upstairs.  While waiting in the line I was starting to have some back pain, but thankfully a security guard came over and asked if I was doing okay and if I'd like a chair.  It's like he read my mind!  It was definitely easier to wait sitting in the comfortable chair!

When the time came, they took us through metal detectors so we could go upstairs to the 8th floor for the Dress Rehearsal.  They told us that once you went upstairs you weren't able to use a restroom, which made me a little nervous, but thankfully they didn't stop me from bringing a bottle of water and some skittles in my bag.  It's the little things that make me happy :)  The only rules they did have were no pictures and to turn your phone off.

When we got upstairs they took our tickets and gave us wrist bands instead.  I'm so glad we took a picture of our tickets to remember the night by!  We were then directed to our seats.  At first we were seated in the farthest corner in the second row.  I noticed that there were seats still available in one section closer to the middle, but one row back.  We decided to move to those seats so we'd get to see more of the sets throughout the show.  I'm so glad we did, because when Jason Sudekis came out to "warm up the crowd" he described the seats we were previously in as the worst seats in the place.  There were definitely some sets we weren't able to see, but thankfully they had monitors everywhere so you can see exactly what's going on.  We learned that during the rehearsal they go through it exactly like they would for the real thing (with commercials, fast changes, and only one take per skit).  However, they do a few extra skits and the whole show was 2 hours instead of an hour and a half.  They then decide what skits or jokes to omit based on the audience's laughter and timing.

Seth MacFarlane was the host and he was really funny.  In general I was so impressed with everyone... it's amazing how they can get through the whole show with one take and how quickly they have to change for one scene to the next.  Frank Ocean was the musical guest.  Neither of us were really that familiar with his music, but he was actually really good.  There was a girl sitting in the row in front of us who absolutely LOVED him and went crazy when he came out... we think she actually started crying!  John Mayer also came out with him and had some guitar solos.

There were two highlights of the show for us.  First, there was a skit in the Lids store where Psy came out and did his Gangnam Style dance and second, was the Ryan Lochte part during The Weekend Update.

This morning we decided to watch the show and see if anything had changed.  A few skits were removed (which we knew would happen), the last skit was drastically shortened, and a few jokes were changed slightly.  While some people might prefer to get tickets to the actual show, I ended up being very happy that we got tickets to the Dress Rehearsal.  We got to see more skits than those who went to the real show and we got to see the changes that were made between 10pm (when we left) and 11:30 (when the real show started).  I am so glad that Chris was proactive and entered the lottery and got us tickets... it was really a once in a lifetime thing to do.

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