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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Heart Ikea!

Since our new apartment has a different living room layout and an extra bedroom, we knew that we would need some new furniture pieces to make the spaces work.  We decided to set up everything we already owned before making a trip to Ikea.   I was so impressed with Chris that we were able to go to Ikea Saturday morning, he had to load the car and bring everything into the apartment on his own (since I can't lift heavy things), and he put everything together by 7:30 AM on Sunday!

We now have room for a dining table (a very small one) instead of having bar stools (which we never used).  I'm excited to start having dinner at an actual table rather than eating hunched over at the coffee table.

We now float the couch in the middle of the room in order to separate the space between the living room and the dining room/Chris' "office", so I wanted to get a sofa table.  I had to give up my desk in the move, so the sofa table will also provide the storage that my desk used to provide.  

While my parents are giving us the crib and changing table from Pottery Barn Kids, we needed a bookcase, a side table, and some storage for the closet.  Ikea came to the rescue again in the form of the Expedit!  I kept seeing them being used on so many blogs that I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon.  We are using a tall skinny version as a bookcase in the room, and a short 4 cube one in the closet for storage.

In our old apartment the kitchen was right there when you walked in the front door.  As a result, we would usually put on our shoes in there (to avoid walking on the carpet with shoes).  However, in the new apartment there is a long hallway (that is carpeted) from the front door that leads to the kitchen and living area.  We have a little nook right by the hall closet, that I thought would be the perfect spot for a little stool/bench.  This way I can sit down by the door to put my shoes on... I hope it works out like I think it will!


  1. Hi! Can you please tell me where you purchased the black sofa table with storage baskets and for how much? I've been looking for one exactly like that for a long time and haven't been successful. Thank you!!

  2. I'm wondering the same thing! I love that sofa table and found your blog via a sofa table image search. :)


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