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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adventures in Moving

I never thought there would be so many issues moving from the third floor to the fifth floor in the same apartment complex!  We hired movers and everything, set up appointments for everything to be set up and delivered, and yet there were still issues!   I am so thankful that both sets of parents were able to come over and help us on Friday.  It was such a relief since I wasn't able to help out much and it was hard for Chris to supervise everything that was going on!

Our old apartment filled with boxes 

 Our new apartment - the living room before the moving began!

Our new kitchen... this eventually became filled with boxes during our move!

So the adventures we faced in moving...  I don't think anyone really ever realizes how much stuff they have.  I mean we were moving from a 1 bedroom apartment, it's just the two of us, and everything is very organized, yet when we went to pack everything it seemed like there was an endless amount of stuff.   While we were moving to a 2 bedroom with more square footage, the living space isn't any bigger.  And since we wanted to have a dining table in the new place (vs the barstools we currently have) we are losing a little bit of space for the living room and our desks.  It made us face the realization that we really need to pair down to the necessities, especially since we know that with a new baby comes a lot more STUFF!  Thankfully Chris and I are naturally organized people, so once we decide what we need and how much space we have to store it we can keep it looking nice.  

The second problem we encountered was that while the carpet in the new apartment was clean, it didn't look or feel very soft or fresh.  The apartment opened December 2009 (when we moved in) and the carpets haven't been replaced since then.  As a result, the carpets had become worn in places where you can tell people walked a lot on (with shoes most likely).  Normally I wouldn't care, but with a new baby that will be put on the floor, eventually crawling on it, dropping things on the floor and then putting it in his mouth, I wanted new carpet.    After much discussion with management via email and phone calls, we finally came to an agreement where we will pay for a portion of the new carpet and they will pay for the rest.  

Originally we planned to move in on Friday, then go to Ikea and the Container Store on Saturday.  However, we did not anticipate how long it would take to unpack all those boxes as well as the issues we faced with Verizon.

Verizon is a story in itself!  On Thursday I woke up and we didn't have internet, tv, or phone anymore!  Chris called and for some reason (you can never get a straight answer out of them) we got shut off a day early than we were supposed to.  They said that they would turn it on by noon and then Chris confirmed again that they would be coming to our new apartment on Friday to set up the Fios.  They said yes, they will be there between 3 and 7.  Friday arrived and around 12:30 Verizon showed up.  We were worried about the timing since the movers weren't supposed to come til 2, therefore the TVs weren't even in the new apartment yet.  Thankfully Verizon had to do other things before getting to the actual TVs and our movers came an hour earlier as well.  Verizon set up our phone and internet, and then started working on our TVs.  We have Tivos instead of using the Verizon DVRs, so after he put in the necessary codes he left before the TVs were actually working.  He said that Tivo's just take longer to go through the set up but that the TVs would be working, and left in a hurry.  Well guess what, the TVs were not working!  Chris got on the phone with them to complain, and then at 5pm a Verizon guy showed up... we thought wow that was fast to send someone out.  Not our luck... this guy was sent because of the service being shut off on Thursday in our old apartment.  Not sure why they have to send someone out when them turning it back on worked, but I guess that's how Verizon works.  He said he wasn't able to help us since he was only sent to make sure the other apartment was working (oh the logistics of a large company).  Then he said that there were problems all over the area with the new setups not working and we just had to wait it out (could take a few hours) but to call the next day if it still wasn't working.

Well it wasn't working Saturday morning when we got up, so Chris called them back.  First they said they could come Monday morning.  Chris was so angry since we are missing the Olympics every day we don't have TV, so he asked if someone could come out that day.  They said okay, we will send someone out between 1 and 5.  So Chris waited around all afternoon for the technician.  At 5 oclock he called back asking where the technician was... they said, "Oh, we have no documentation of an appointment today, we just have your Monday appointment in the system".  Chris had been working his butt off, not a lot of sleep, so this just made him outraged.  Chris was able to find an executive's email address so he can complain, but in the meantime, we wait.  We really hope that the technician who comes tomorrow morning can fix it all and we can get back to normal around here.  

With Chris going back to work tomorrow, my plan is to tackle one area each day, which still gives me plenty of time to lie down and rest.  Once we know where everything will go, then we will make our trip to Ikea to get what we need.  We are keeping a lot of things in my parents' basement until we have more room.  Once the rest of the apartment is setup, then I will start worrying about the nursery.  The crib and changing table should be delivered soon, and once my dad is finished painting the room we can move the glider in as well.  I'm glad we still have almost 4 months before this little boy arrives!

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