The Adventure Starts Here: 2nd Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd Anniversary!

Greetings.......after a year-long hiatus from blogging, Chris here.   I've decided to make another guest blog.   Since we last chatted, it's been a very exciting year, as I'm sure you've read on this blog.   By far the biggest excitement surrounds the upcoming arrival of Baby Flinn!   This past month has been pretty busy as well.  Our move into a bigger apartment a few weeks ago enabled us to ready the nursery with plenty of time before the baby arrives.   Each week it keeps getting more and more ready for the baby. 

Since our actual anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year, we decided to go out this past Saturday to a local restaurant called David Todd's City Tavern.   We had been there once before, and enjoyed the food, so we decided to make reservations there to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.   Hard to believe it's been 3.5 years since our first date.   It would've been a little cooky, but it's a shame we don't have a picture of the two of us from that night, to drop that picture into this blog post as well.    I think I might've scared her off if I asked the waiter to take our picture during that first date!

Happy Anniversary Meghan!  

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