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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Santa was very good to all of us this year :)  As I posted before, my parents got me and Chris a new camera for Christmas and let us have it early.  I was so glad because as a result I was able to get some pretty cool shots this year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Chris and I got up early and headed back to my parents' house to see the kids open their gifts.  Santa came and was very generous.  We had fun opening gifts from each other and then playing with everything.  I was the designated paparazzi and was on the floor most of the time trying to get great action shots.  Grandma, Grandpa, David, and Kaitlyn went to church.  We stayed home with Trisha and Matthew since he was still sick with pneumonia.  We then had a nice lunch and had fun just relaxing and playing.

Kaitlyn asked for drums for Santa... she loved them! 

Matthew loved his ball pit  

The Barbie Cash Register was a hit... Chris was great and played store with all afternoon. 

Grandma and Grandpa got Kaitlyn an American Girl Doll... 
she named her Kaitlyn and put on her new ballerina outfit! 

 One of Kaitlyn's favorite gifts was her Beauty and the Beast Tea Cart... 
thanks Grandpa and Uncle Chris for putting it together (despite the lack of detailed instructions!)

That afternoon we said good bye to the Freels and headed over to the Flinns.  Kaitlyn was cute and was saying Goodbye MeghanChris (we have become one word now) and saying "See you later crocodile".  We had to explain that it was "See you later alligator" and "In a while crocodile".  It was nice to have her waving to us at the door as we drove away.  We will definitely miss those kids!

We had a really nice afternoon with the Flinns... it was nice to see his parents, Justin, Aunt Doreen, and JoAnn.  We all exchanged gifts, watched some TV, and then had a nice family dinner.   It was a big change of pace from my parents' house where kids are running around and constantly playing with toys that often require make believe.  Instead we got to relax and have adult conversation... and everyone calmly opened gifts rather than seeing who could tear off wrapping paper faster.   At dinner, we didn't have to cut up anyone else's meat or have plastic cups with lids on them.  While Christmas at each family was very different they were VERY fun in their own ways.

 The Flinns got me the black Longchamp bag I asked for :)

Once again I made a personalized calendar for The Flinns on Shutterfly 

Chris' Dad loved the gift card we got him... for his new favorite restaurant in Morristown 

Chris loves his jelly beans :) 

Christmas this year was a lot of fun.  I'm so glad we were able to see all our family and spend time with each.  I love it when we get to relive the joy of Christmas and Santa through our niece and nephew's eyes.  As we get older Christmas loses it's magic and is more about just spending time with the ones you love.   It was really cool when Kaitlyn (and then Matthew) was born so that we can once again get really excited about Christmas and all the fun traditions that we grew up with.

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas...  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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