The Adventure Starts Here: December (the first half)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December (the first half)

I just realized I hadn't posted anything about what Chris and I have been up to in December so far.  We had my work holiday party... another excuse to dress up.

We also went to Marlaina's Christmas party this year...

High School buds... me with Sarah and Marlaina 

The Gift Exchange got pretty funny... The Situation Snuggie and Ninja Turtle Cloak

At work the women threw Katie a baby shower.  She is expecting twin girls the beginning of 2012 so we all wanted to surprise her with a shower during lunch.  I made cupcakes for dessert, we brought in sandwiches and a fruit platter, and had fun opening gifts.  

I was able to find these fondant cake toppers on Etsy... everyone loved them! 

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